Top commuter bikes for less than INR 50000: Price and Specs comparo

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top commuter motorcycles

Although 50,000 Indian rupees might not be enough for you to become a tech slave and buy the new iPhone, it can buy you freedom and it can buy a comfortable commute for you. The amount is enough to experience the charm of the outdoors, it will set you and your nostrils free from smelly armpits, from crowded metal cages which move on rails, the decade long wait you experience for a bus and the practice of pleasing the gods on three wheels for taking you to your destination. There is no escaping this modern day slavery, unless you think of something which will make you enslave others. Until then, for your everyday commute, if there is something you need that serves the purpose of travelling from point A to B and doesn’t cost you anything more than 50,000 rupees, here’s our list of top commuter bikes that you should consider.

Model Bajaj Discover 100 M Hero Splendor NXG Honda Dream Neo Mahindra Centuro Suzuki Hayate TVS Star City Yamaha YBR 110
Engine Capacity (cc) 102 97 110 107 113 109 106
Power (PS) 9.3 7 8.25 8.5 8.3 8.3 7.6
Torque (Nm) 9.02 8 8.63 8.5 8.8 8.7 7.9
No of gears 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Top Speed (kph) 95 90 74 92 95 90 90
Weight (kg) 114 112 105 120 114 109 126
Seat Height (mm) 795 785 820 800 800 795 780
Fuel Tank Capacity 9.5 11 8 12.7 8.5 10 13
Fuel Efficiency (ARAI Figures) kpl 84 65 74 60 69 86 55
Brake Type; Disc (O) Disc Drum (O) Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum
Electric Start Yes Optional Optional Yes Optional Yes Yes
Alloy Wheels Yes (O) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price (Ex-showroom, Mumbai) 46,724 46,391 44,827 46,014 49,363 46,580 48,218

The Suzuki Hayate wins the war of the CC’s, however, it is the Bajaj Discover 100 M which manages to make more power from its 102 cc engine. The Discover also happens to be the torquiest bike in the list here. All the motorcycles have 4-speed gearboxes, but it is again the Discover that ties with the Suzuki Hayate for the highest top speed award.

The Honda Neo is the lightest bike amongst all the motorcycles here, while the Yamaha YBR is the bulkiest. The YBR also has the biggest fuel tank capacity, but it is the TVS Star City which wins the “Average kitna hai” quiz, closely followed by the Bajaj Discover 100 M. The Discover is also the only bike here to come with electric start and a front disc brake as standard, whereas, most of the others still like beating drums. The Honda Neo happens to be the cheapest bike here, while the other Japanese, the Suzuki Hayate will cost you  Rs 5,000 more.

If you need to decide which one of these should you buy, the Honda Dream Neo and the Splendor NXG are pretty basic in comparison to the others. However, these proven and popular products will delight you with their robust engineering. The Bajaj Discover 100 M offers the most bang for the buck and is packed with features. It makes the most amount of power and also promises a higher fuel-efficiency figure. It is the unpredictable product strategy of Bajaj which makes many feel skeptical about discovering this product. The Mahindra Centuro is the newest entrant in the list and has features which could even put a car to shame, while the TVS Star City is a robust product, offers great mileage, is well built and that smooth motor will win many hearts. The Suzuki Hayate and the Yamaha YBR 110 are the priciest of the bikes in the list here, which is surprising, considering they are marginal players in this segment. However, these products willl appeal to fans of the brand, who have heard, know or dream about their bigger bikes.

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