Top-5 Bajaj Auto Two-wheeler commercials

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If you were born in the mid-80s or the early 90s, you would know the tv commercials they made in those times were as good, or sometimes better than the content between which they appeared. So once upon a time in the year 1980, Bajaj Auto was the top-scooter producer in India when its Chetak scooter had a 10 year waiting period. Some years later, Bajaj was still making scooters, when Hero arrived in partnership with Honda and its fuel-efficient and reliable motorcycles started to threaten the scooter manufacturer’s monopoly. As Bajaj began the journey to re-invent and establish itself as a successful motorcycle manufacturer, the world respects as of today, we try to list the Top-5 Bajaj Auto commercials ever made. Feel free to call mom, dad, brother, sister, teacher or your childhood friend, if any of these commercials make you feel overtly nostalgic. We might miss out on some commercials you think are great, but then we might like doughnuts and you might be crazy about the mint with the hole.

1) The ‘Hamara Bajaj’ campaign with its tune and those lyrics captured so much in just 41 seconds. It showed how the scooter changed the transportation scene in our country and was lapped-up by many. I’m sure that Parsi gentleman and his green scooter still look the same.

2) The Kawasaki KB-125 commercial for its time was amazingly fancy. That door closing in on the sliding biker was stuff only experienced while playing ‘Prince of Persia’ on computers which ran on ‘DOS’.

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3) The Bajaj Caliber was a good sturdy motorcycle which sold in good numbers. It was a good alternative to the Hero-Honda Splendor for anyone who thought it was too puny. Bajaj came out with two commercials for the Caliber and we feel both were amazing, the music could have spawned into an album. On the other hand, Vidya Balan who features in one of them still looks the same.

4) So ‘Bharat’, India, by this time was coming out of its closet and Bajaj was coming out with products for the new ‘Bhaarat Vaasi’. In this commercial, Bajaj managed to capture the young Indian’s mindset on the cusp of a cultural change. Many of us were seriously confused by this time, if we wanted to touch our elder’s feet or if a handshake was a better, more hygienic idea.

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5) We saved the best for the last. The Bajaj Pulsar commercials were up there with the best adverts ever made for motorcycles and undoubtedly the best seen in India. All these commercials were so thoughtful, they appealed to the right senses and made a lot of sense, as opposed to that cement advert on tv these days, which shows a girl in a bikini coming out of the sea, where is the cement in that?

If you start feeling nostalgic, think wisely before you call people you haven’t seen in 15 years, there must be a good reason you haven’t seen them for so long.


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  • Karan says:

    Hi Harshad,

    The commercials are embedded in the article, if you use google chrome, you might have ad blocker installed which is causing the trouble.

  • harshad.y says:

    Please provide a link for these commercials.

  • Paras says:

    Sooter give

  • Abhinav says:

    I don’t know if its by sheer chance you guys didn’t include this, but this ad (a P135 owner btw) of Pulsar 220 “Aage Nikal rahe hai hum!”. The motto, the powerful voice of KK, the raw verve in the jingle and the CGI, all amalgamate into one iconic ad that underlines what Bajaj Auto has been all about under Rajiv Bajaj – ‘Distinctly ahead.’

  • Ketan Rathod says:

    Made me emotional. Always fan of BAjaj bikes. Owned all bajaj bikes and currently on the best bajaj bike ie pulsar NS 200. Waiting for pulsar ss 400.