Today is Ride to Work day: Share your experiences with us!

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Today is Ride to Work Day, and while we realize that it’s a little too late to let you know about it, we still couldn’t resist going ahead and putting this note up. The day is celebrated across the world by riders who commute to their offices on their two wheeled steeds.

You can share with us your experience of your commute to your work. You can discuss the problems you face or the pleasures you get while riding to work, and of course post some related pics. You can use this topic on our Talks section for interacting with fellow Motoroids who ride to work, and sharing experiences with them.

Happy Ride to Work Day, all of you, fellow Motoroids.


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  • Margareta says:


  • Acid says:

    my observation

    The tail light assembly looks quite like that of FZs

    and the pic is a great representation, just the front tyre is bigger than the back tyre where as in the spy pics, its inverse!

    But this is great!!!