This Suzuki Shogun Commercial Will Revive Your Two-Stroke Memories

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To this day, anyone who’s ever tasted the thrill of riding a 2-stroke motorcycle finds it difficult to be matched by modern machinery. The late 19th century witnessed the entry of many 2-stroke performance motorcycles in our country when blue smoke and ring-a-ding-ding was in vogue. Even motorcyclists of the current generation certify the exhaust note of 2-stroke motorcycles as music. That era also witnessed many two-wheeler manufacturers partnering to develop motorcycles, Kawasaki-Bajaj, Hero-Honda to name a few. TVS too had partnered with Suzuki to bring the legendary Shogun in our country. It might have had a limited run, but the memories associated with this particular 2-stroke screamer are many!

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The advertisement perfectly describes the character of TVS Suzuki Shogun. It was fast, even frightening at times! It packed a 110 cc air-cooled two-stroke engine which was tuned to produce 14 bhp and 11.4 nm of torque. If we compare these figures to the motorcycles which are on sale today, you would know why the Shogun is still considered to be a pocket rocket! Comparatively, 110cc motorcycles of today’s age roughly produce around 8-9 bhp. Even if we bring in certain 150cc motorcycles to this equation, the Shogun will still knock everything out of the park.

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It wasn’t just about the speed, it was about the whole character of the motorcycle and the TVS Suzuki Shogun was full of it! Couple such explosive performance with a lightweight frame and chassis and you have a considerably fast motorcycle. The power delivery kicked in hard and wasn’t as subtle and linear as motorcycles of today’s age. The Shogun could hit a top whack of 100 kmph plus easily, but the manner in which it could reach that speed is still something which is worth an experience.

The departure of 2-stroke motorcycles marked the end of an era in the Indian motorcycling scenario. An era of absolute hooliganism, of raw motorcycling pleasure. The 2-stroke screamers came, they conquered the hearts of motorcyclists and then left screaming with just their smoke behind. The reason why this machine, the RX-100 and the RD-350 still reign over the hearts of many.

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