This custom Yamaha RX-G Cafe Racer is a tastefully brewed Cyclone

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There’s something brewing these days in our country, and that is this new found obsession of transforming motorbikes into cafe racers, bobbers and what not. While most of the mod jobs are weekend efforts at a fabricator, some do apply their tasteful imagination and come up with an end result that looks rather neat and distinctly appealing. We came across one such custom built Yamaha RX-G that has been made to look like a cafe racer by Team 49 customz based out of Dadra Nagar & Haveli.

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Called the ‘Cyclone’, this selfish single-seater is based on a Yamaha RX-G, which was essentially a bored out, although cleaner, and a less cynical version of the RX-100, introduced in the year 1996. Built around the standard architecture of the Yamaha RX-G, the Cyclone retains the original frame, which is now finished in a shade of Red. In order to achieve a rear set, forward leaning riding position, front foot-pegs have been taken away altogether, the ones at the rear being the only place for the rider to place his feet. In a thoughtful manner, the gear shifter and brake pedal use extensions, to bring them closer to the rear pegs.

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Body panels are finished in a shade of Matt Grey, where the front headlight is nestled in a cowl that also hoods above a large sized speedometer. Although the rally style grille on the headlight could’ve been omitted. Front forks are finished in black and get protectors, while the fender, front disc brake and switch gear have been borrowed from elsewhere. The handlebar is a U-shaped, low set piece which ideally should have carried bar-end rear mirrors to accentuate the authentic cafe racer look.

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The fuel tank and side panels have been retained from the original bike, however, the original seat has been done away with and has been replaced by a streamlined rear cowl that gets two little blinkers at the rear and incorporates a ribbed saddle for the rider, finished in red. Conventional rear shocks are replaced by gas filled units, while the rear Ceat rubber follows a contrasting pattern in comparison to the front tyre. Mechanically, the Cyclone has been modified to release marginally more power from the original 132 cc, 11.8 bhp two stroke banger. Like what you see? Think something could’ve been done better? Leave a comment.

In case if you wish to contact the person behind this build, here are the details:

Mr Aurangzeb Qureshi; 09558212122

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