The Jaguar Project 7MC is a F-Type themed Triumph Speed Triple

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Jaguar Project MC (2)

Hungary based Tamas Jakus/Jakusa Design has digitally synthesized two of UK’s contemporary design/engineering icons, the sinfully beautiful Jaguar F-Type Project 7 and the brilliant Triumph Speed Triple motorcycle. The results are positively jaw-dropping Triumph re-skinned with a splattering of Project 7 elements, and has been christened as the Jaguar Project 7MC

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The naked Triumph keep its framework intact, but now dons a F-Type inspired, restyled, curvier fuel tank that replaces the original, and is adorned with a vent whose shape is directly adapted from the Jaguar F Type’s fender intakes. F-Type-style 5-spoke carbon wheels replace the Speed Triple’s sport rims, while the tires bear a MotoGP-derived white stripe and Jaguar lettering on their walls.

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Tamas also whipped up a ‘70s style racing front cowl for the Triumph, which mimics the F-Type’s curves and sports a “insect” style headlamp whose shape is inspired from the sports car as well. The  sport windshield replicates the angle of the Jag’s windscreen for a more coherent concept, while the under-body cowl from the Speed triple has been retained.

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The reworked seat features diamond stitching with contrasting accents, and the under-seat exhausts from the motorcycle have been done away with, only to be replaced with a regular exhaust bearing Project 7 branding. The Project 7MC also sports Jaguar shield emblems covering the axle caps, clutch cover, while the front brake calipers are now done up in red. Unfortunately, Project 7MC is a virtual figment of imagination, and needs to be made right now! Serial investors, are you listening?

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