Sany’s big truck on a mission to cool down Japan’s Fukushima plant

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This is the big truck which is helping the Fukushima reactor No.4 to cool down, trying to avert a possible meltdown. After having put to use everything from helicopters to fire trucks to get sea water to the reactor’s fuel rods, this A 203-foot long concrete pumper truck has seems to be the last resort.

Manufactured by Chinese heavy equipment manufacturer Sany, this concrete pumper truck will pump water over the 141-foot high reactor. Priced at $ 1 million, the truck has been donated by Sany to Japan, along with a team of support team. We can only hope and pray that the monstrous pumping truck helps the situation in Fukushima where the radiation levels have gone up 10 million time the safe limits as per the latest news update.

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