POLL: Which one of these will you consider buying?

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Pulse (codename: B58) is highly based on Nissan Micra. the basic form of the car, with it’s arched roof and big cabin remains the same as the Nissan but the nose is dramatically different from that sported by the Micra. The front end is now much sharper and bolder,  with its raised crisply styled lights,  a really large hexagonal grille and a typically European matt black center section. Similar treatment to grille is also found on almost all Renault cars. The rear is almost the same as Micra but with minor alterations to it.Renault hinted that there could be a sportier version of the car and it made me dream of seeing something like a Renaultsport Megane R26 on our roads.The Pulse shares its oil burner (1.5Litres) motor with the Nissan Micra.

I won’t be too wrong to say that between the aforementioned two, the buying decision should boil down to looks. Now, which one of these will you buy? The cutesy Jap or the sporty French?

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