Planning to travel on the New Year’s eve? Make sure your ride is insured

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If you are planning to head out of town for the New Year’s Eve, remember that thousands others from your city will also be doing the same. With so many cars on the road, chances of occurrence of an untoward incident happening on the road are quite high. Now you can be as good with your driving/riding skills but at the end of the day we are all humans, and we tend to make mistakes.

While you may not be able to predict the future, you can still be prepared for any setback. It is, thus, important that you have your car or two-wheeler insured before riding out of town. In this feature, we’d talk about the importance of having a valid two wheeler insurance or car insurance.


New Year Travel agenda includes travel plans to popular destinations or weekend getaways and people prefer commuting in their own vehicles owing to the convenience it offers. Since almost everyone prefers travelling in their private vehicles, the end of the year witnesses exceptional traffic on the roads. There is a serious spike in vehicular accidents as along with the increased traffic, a substantially higher percentage of drivers unfortunately drive in an inebriated state. Vehicle thefts also increase as thieves find it easy to get away with tourists’ vehicles than those of the locals. It’s paramount, then, that your vehicle is insured, or you’d be running a significantly higher risk of getting your vehicle stolen or crashed than you do on a normal day.


Why is having a valid insurance so important?

Car Insurance and Two-wheeler Insurance policies offer extensive packages that protect your vehicle from a long list of natural calamities as well as damages incurred due to man-made circumstances. Many of the leading players in the insurance sector offer a variety of features in their insurance policies which range from 24/7 roadside assistance to cashless claims across several garages in the country to 100 percent insurance cover on your bill.


Moreover, if the damage is not repairable on the spot, some insurance policies also offer a towing service for your vehicle to the nearest service centre. Some policies also cover all forms of damage, car parts and accessories, including plastic parts. Insurance policies also offer unlimited liability for third party death/ bodily injury claims along with a personal accident cover for the policy holder.


Many of us do not understand the importance of insurance and tend to overlook the policy lapse date, only to regret later. Others do not want to spend a large amount on the policies and prefer buying the cheapest option which is the Third Party Insurance. In our honest opinion, spending a small sum on a yearly basis is much better than sustaining a massive blow to your bank account in case of a crash and a comprehensive insurance policy is your best bet against all these possibilities. Wouldn’t you agree?

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