Pathan from karachi rides his bike standing on the saddle: Shoots, whistles


What we have here is valiant (and ignorant) Pathan from somewhere near the city of Karachi, showing off his riding skills on a bike that resembles the 100cc Hondas of the 80’s in India. The man rides the bike standing on the saddle at constant throttle, and then, just to properly prove the country of the video’s origin, takes out his pistol and fires a few shots in air. Guns and bullets seem to be the cheapest commodities in his part of the world. Showcasing some more of his skills the man whistles while riding, beating every law of aerodynamics known to man and keeping balance even as his loose robe flutters in the gust.

Hats off to you sir. Just don’t fall off that contraption though, for even with that gun and all your Pakistani bravado, your head is still made of bones and flesh.


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