Motoroids fan writes about his Fiat Linea from Spain

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Marc-Daniel Escuain with his Linea

We recently received an email from Spain from one our readers. Marc Escuain, who lives in Girona, which walls in North East Spain, loved our drive from Pune to New Delhi and back in the Linea. So much so, that he shared his own road trip with us, via text and pictures. We feel humbled by the love and appreciation he has expressed in his mail. Here is an account of Marc’s road-trip in Europe.

PS: Marc is a member on Motoroids Forums as well with the ID LineaMarc – his ID says it all, doesn’t it?

My name is Marc, and I’m very pleased to receive your letter after my first mail! Wasn’t expecting it 🙂 I live in Girona, Catalonia region, North East Spain. I found Motoroids very interesting. I liked your article of the road trip from Pune to Delhi on a Linea. You don’t usually get these candid down-to-earth articles on most magazines, that’s why I enjoy Motoroids so much. The only snag is, the pictures seemed to be out of proportion (compacted by the sides). I found you on Google, since I was looking around the web to check on my car (Fiat Linea) around the world, I know it’s made in India and also in Brazil. My Linea is made in Bursa, Turkey. I bought it in the end of 2007, but had to wait almost three months for it; because I chose the burgondy red colour, 17 inch rims, and also leather seats. It’s the European 1.3 Multijet Emotion version, fully equipped. Licenced in January 2008.

I’m very happy with it, I’m single and mostly travel alone, but I like the boot space, and the leather seats are comfortable even in the summers (they are a light beige colour). Although on long trips the seating gets uncomfortable, and the engine is underpowered for more than 2 or 3 adults with baggage. Although I’ve travelled all over Spain with it and also France and Italy, and it has never let me down. I can tell you this car is an eye-catcher, I love its design!

The most interesting part was driving around Italy on a vacation; this car, being a Fiat sold in Europe, isn’t sold at all in Italy! So everyone was gawking at my Fiat, wondering what on earth it was hehehe! The trip was about 1,100 km each way, but we slept in-between. We visited Pisa, Florence and Siena, plus did some touring of the beautiful countryside.

Well, here are some pictures. Picture 1 is my favourite picture of my car. The first pictures are of the countryside around the province of Girona, Catalonia region, where I live. Pictures 6-10 are of my road trip to Tuscany, Italy. Different views of the Italian countryside and the last picture (nº 10) is parked in Florence, Italy. Hope you enjoy them!

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