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Motoroids caught up with the ‘Rubber Rippers’ on the biking trail. Here’s all the important information about this biking club.


Q) When and where was the club formed?

A) Team Rubber Ripperz was formed in December 2007,with 6 members. We are functional in Pune and Mumbai as of now.

Q) How often do members meet up?

A) The active members meet up every weekend.


Q) Which aspect of riding is the group more into?

A) Touring / long distance trips.

Q) What distinguishes this biking group from others?

A) It is the only motorcycle club which is exclusive for Pulsar 200s and Pulsar 220s.


Q) How many riders are associated with the group currently?

A) There are 28 members so far in the club.

Q) Do the members have any common hangout zones?

A) There is no specific place where we hang out. But the most likely places are Chandani Chowk, Koregaon Park and Kondhwa areas in Pune.

Q) Where is one most likely to see the group in action?

A) Chandani Chowk and Mutha Ghats near Pune.


Q) Is there any biking hierarchy within the group?

A) No we do not have any such system. All the members are treated equally.

Q) Are there any requisites to joining the group?

A) Yes,you need to be the owner of a Pulsar 200/220. Along with the bike you need to have a proper riding helmet.


If you are interested in joining this group, drop in a mail to [email protected]

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