Himalayan Odyssey 2009

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The grand daddy of all the Himalayan rides in the country, the Himalayan Odyssey, in its 6th iteration, beckoned 55 riders from across the nation to embark upon a journey which would present a whole new perspective to motorcycling. Flagged off from Delhi on the 14th of June, the journey took the bikers through some of the most beautiful locales, uncharted terrains and a plethora of weather changes!

Like every year, Royal Enfield organized this year’s trip too, however the timing chosen was a tad earlier than what it has been all these years.


The weather wasn’t exactly too relenting even with the shifted dates. While crossing water streams in some sections is a given. a strong snow storm came as a taxing surprise to the 55 riders. But that did not dent the confidence of all these Bulletiers one bit. The riders’ hard work paid off, as the following day brought forth one of the most picturesque visuals the Himalayas had to offer. Though the ride and the route was same for all the riders, the experience in itself was completely unique for each one of them. In his words, our contributor Yeshwant More quotes, ‘The ride is very challenging and at the same time very exhilarating. It sets your pulse racing. Every rider on his way back has graduated a few steps further in his riding skills and is more confident in maneuvering his bike.’

Since words are not enough to bring forth such an experience, we’d let the pictures do all the talking…


Photos by Bhagirath, Santosh, Avinash, Akshay, Tanmay & Yesshwant from Roadshakers, Pune.

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