Meet the World’s youngest drag racer and the youngest motocross racer in India.

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World’s youngest drag racer (4)

Raheesh Khatri doesn’t exactly live the life of a six year old. He definitely goes to school and does his homework, but on weekends instead of cuddling his toys and not letting the blanket go, he practices relentlessly in I-Land racing school Wadala. His hard work has been paid off; he has just been crowned as the world’s youngest drag racer after the valley run conducted at Aamby valley, that too without a single minute of training in drag race. The broken record belonged to Amber Bell, an eight year old from London.

World’s youngest drag racer (5)

Raheesh has been living, breathing and talking bikes since he was a toddler. His father, Mudassar Khatri, an ardent rider and bike lover, has always inspired Raheesh to pursue his passion, his dream. Raheesh was probably the first kid who learnt to say vroom vroom even before he could utter words like mom and dad. Raheesh holds great respect for his parents and admires his father Mr. Mudassar Khatri the most. Mudassar, who is a racer himself can’t be more excited about his son winning races and hearts.

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Raheesh got his hands on a motocross bike for the first time when he was six and the rest is history. Practicing voraciously on his Yamaha PW-80, he has achieved new heights that a six year old could never dream of. Making it to the second round of All India Biking Champion ship wasn’t cakewalk for Raheesh. Even After innumerable downfalls and exhausting training sessions, he still rose like a sun to a new day on his bike. The whole family has their priorities right, education first. He attends his school in south Mumbai every day without fail and has a great academic record as well. His principal along with other teachers love and support his voyage to accomplish himself as an international racer.

World’s youngest drag racer (3)
World’s youngest drag racer (2)

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