Is it a train? Is it a Limo? It's the Superbus!

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Here’s a unique prototype of what some researchers think could be a solution to your modern day commuting problems. Giving mass transport a more stylish and comfy form, this incredibly long piece of machinery has been christened the Superbus. The Superbus concept has been unveiled at the UITP Mobility and City Transport Expo in Dubai.

The concept has been developed by the Netherland’s Delft University of Technology. It is 15 meter long and 2.55 meter wide. The limo cum bus features as many as sixteen gull wing doors and can carry 24 occupants including the driver.
So what’s so special about just making an iron tunnel and fitting six wheels and 24 seats to it. Anybody can do it given the resources, right?

Wrong! The Superbus is propelled by an advanced li-ion battery back, and doesn’t utilize gasoline. With its 600Kw or 800+ bhp power output, it can hit a, hold your breath, top speed of 250km/h and can travel 210km on a single charge. Hope that helps the surprise a bit.

Well, someone go tell these guys that mini-buses in small town India with one third the length carry 50 passengers at a time. It’s all a matter of space management, you see. So what you end up with your nose in fellow passengers’ arm-pits and sometimes even butt-cracks, at the end of it you manage to reach where you wanted to, and cheap. An oblivious government sometimes leads great accomplishments. They need to learn a lesson from India, and stop worrying about public transport completely. People will manage by themselves. Here’s a video.

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