Google's innovative car drives without a driver, beating obstacles

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Google has been developing cars that can drive all by themselves, without needing any inputs from the drivers. And they’re fast as they do that, nit the boring, crawling self-driven cars that auto manufacturers have shown us in the past. Known to help the world search its way on the internet, Google seems to have taught the automobile how to search its way on the road as well.

Google made a demo of its self-driving car last weekend in Long Beach, California. The car of test kept swerving around, beating obstacles at a mighty impressive pace, and came out unscathed. The close obstacle course was defined by cones, the layout of which would have taken even an average driver concentrate hard. The car was shown to select attendees at the Technology Entertainment Design conference, bringing together some of the leading innovators on the planet.

These cars have been comprehe3nsively tested and Google has utmost belief in their reliability. Each one of these cars have clocked close to 225,000 km without any accident. Google thinks that such cars can bring down the number of accidents on road substantially. Apart from being handy to those who want a chauffeur without a pay, these cars can also be of use to the physically challenges, the elderly and those with restricted sight.

While all that sounds great, we are sure this car will have to cross quite a few legal hurdles before it makes it to the road. Here’s wishing Google all the luck!

Watch these incredible videos to witness how effective the technology is



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