Enter the Silverstone Racetrack with this 3-D Map

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Are you an F1 fanatic? well, look no further. Here is a unique 3-D map of one of the Uk’smost prestigious race tracks. Silverstone, nestled in the English countryside.

Once an RAF base during WW2, having hosted the British Grand Prix for the first time in 1948, Silverstone is now the home of UK motor racing. With a capacity of 150,000, many flock from far and wide, year on year to witness the best in the business race here.  Over the years, this racetrack has attracted many famous faces. From King George being present at the first Grand Prix in 1950 to Lewis Hamilton, who won the 2017 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The circuit is approximately 3.66 miles long with 20 turns and a 296 m stretch from the start line to turn one resulting in speeds in races such as the British Grand Prix averaging at 157 mph and maximum speeds reaching a staggering 188mph.

What is interesting about Silverstone is that its corners are all named and each name has a different meaning. For example, turn one which is also known as ‘Abbey’ is named after Luffield Abbey, an ancient building whose remains were discovered close to the corner. And turn 9 is named ‘Copse’ after the many clusters of dense woodland surrounding the racetrack which are known as Copses. This corner passes very close to two of these Copses which is how it got its name.Check out this post for a full rundown of the corners meanings.

Each one of the many corners are different.  They have different angles, speed requirements and therefore different techniques are needed to master them individually. These are clearly outlined on the 3-D map.


Infographic by Trackdays.co.uk

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