This Monsoon Enjoy A Clear Windscreen With This Quick Hack

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Driving during rains is indeed a fun affair. The noise of the raindrops hitting your car, combined with the smell of wet sand is an ecstatic experience. Moreover, not many motorists venture out in the season, giving us petrolheads a break from the traffic-filled streets of the city. However, it is very important to have good visibility to look out of your windows and extra care must be taken during this time, as the wet roads tremendously increase the braking distance of the vehicle. While wipers do a great job of clearing the water that is blocking your view, there is one more way to improve visibility during the rainy season. 

Glass cleaning clay

You can get this clay at your nearest detailer or even order it online.

This simple process involves cleaning of the glass surface. When the glass surface is clean, water has a tendency to bead into cylindrical droplets, which are see-through in nature and do not blur your vision. Moreover, if the car is moving at a speed high enough, these droplets tend to move out of your way with the wind. While our naked eyes can spot some dirt and grime on the windscreen, it is also covered with minute contaminates, which prevent the water droplets from beading. This causes the water to form huge flat surfaces and thus blurring your vision of the road ahead. 

Glass cleaning clay on glass

Work with the clay in straight lines

The best way to get rid of such contaminants is to use detailing clay. This block of clay is designed to pull the stuck contaminants off of the glass surface and push it inside itself, thus not scratching your glass surface. Many workshops and detailers would use sanding paper to do the same but we would strongly advise not using it as it would create a lot of minor scratches on your windscreen and leads to poor visibility. 

Glass cleaning water beading

The result? Water beads on the surface not interfering with your vision

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One can use the clay bar themselves. With the bar in one hand, one has to move the bar in straight lines with a decent amount of pressure. Ensure there is enough lubrication between the glass surface and the clay bar for better results. Even soapy water would do the job perfectly. Once you have clayed the glass surfaces, give the car a good wash and take it for a spin to notice the difference this small step does. As you drive down the road, the windscreen is bound to get dirty again, so repeat the process once the effect starts to wear off and enjoy driving during this rainy season. 

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