Crashing a fine looking BMW 5 Series into a Camaro to call it a Masterpiece

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“WOW!!!!….what car is this!!?” Our first reaction too, minus the ‘Wow’, when we came across this mod job. However, according to Road Rage Custom Builds, the folks behind this idea, that is the first reaction they encounter, every time they take this contraption out for a spin. They say this is a top-of-the-class, hand fabricated BMW 525, customised to look like a Chevrolet Camaro.


While we are still asking ourselves many questions, trying hard to find any link to a Camaro, we noticed, they’ve even replaced a very expensive BMW badge with a laser cut, custom built RRCB logo. We called in Google to decipher what RRCB stood for, which suggested it must be Railway Recruitment Control Board. But then we tapped our temples and realised, it is Road Rage Custom Builds.


So the front and rear bumpers have been customised, where the front, in particular, gets so much of industrial quality mesh, even bees wouldn’t dare enter that space. The designer bonnet gets a million air vents, fenders have been extended, and there are so many streaks and patches of Red, it gives the word ‘Contrast’ a whole new meaning.


The rear section gets what they call concept designed taillights and the edge of the tailgate has been painted in Red again, which honestly looks out of place. The little shark fin antenna, an Adidas logo on the C-pillar, 18″ wheels, and everything else that isn’t black is painted in, well, Red.


On the inside, they’ve fitted custom made floor lights and reworked the interior to attain a red and black concept. Even here, that handcrafted logo affixed in many places will never remind you of the German roots of this machine. And as they say and we agree, this totally is a “one piece designed vehicle in the whole of India.” Oh, and they have also customised a Hero Achiever and two Royal Enfields for the Alibag Police.

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