Cars 2 released: First impressions good. Write your review

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If you are a petrol head, there are very high chances of you being a fan of the world of Cars created by Pixar where automobiles are the metallic equivalents of humans. Even if you are not, we, at Motoroids, most definitely are, and after relishing the inaugural part of the movie, have been waiting eagerly for the sequel. After an excruciatingly long wait, which felt even longer, thanks to the trailers of the movie which were released way before the release, the movie has finally hit the screens.

Now this one isn’t a review (expect us to post one though), but we have surfed the internet enough to have some first impressions about the flick. Like for the sequels to all good movies, the expectations from this one too were high, and seems like Pixar have not faltered. The opening rating on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is a reasonably good 6.9 / 10. But then, unlike movies on common subjects, not all people can appreciate the feature as much as a true car fan would. Only 700 people had rated the movie by the time we filed this post, so chances are that the rating may go up. Just to give you a perspective, the recently released X Men: First Class got the rating of 8.2 / 10, while The Shawshank Redemption, rated as the best movie ever on IMDB has a rating on 9.2 / 10. The first part of Cars was rated 7.4 /10.

Critics are calling it a watchable flick, but we have learned from experience to not believe the movie scribes much, as whether a movie entertains you is defined by what you like to see. We’re sure quite a few of you would watch it on the first chance you get, and we would love to hear your experience of the movie. Do share with us your opinion, maybe, write a small review here, or on our Talks Section, where a full-fledged topic is running on the movie. Here’s a trailer…

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