Astounding Unofficial Ferrari Scuderia Baldini Hypercar Rendered

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F1-derived Hypercars seem to be the next step in the ladder of performance car evolution. Last week, we showed you a near-production prototype of the Aston Martin Valkyrie which it has developed in collaboration with Red Bull Racing. Mercedes is also working on a similar product with its performance car division, AMG and the glorious product is all set to break cover soon.


While Ferrari hasn’t revealed any plans to jump on board the band-wagon just yet, it hasn’t stopped Italian designer Alex Imnadze Baldini from penning down his view on what that car could look like. He has taken inspiration from the legendary P3 to create a gorgeous low-slung model that could take the fight to Aston.



He calls it the Concept P3 or more fancily, the Scuderia Baldini. The concept borrows the curvy front haunches from the original P3 and adds even more aggression to the overall design. It gets sleek headlamps up front with aggressive air-dams and a sharp carbon splitter. It gets a meshed air intake on the hood which leads up to a beautiful glass canopy.


The sides, again, feature heavily sculpted curves which are shaped to feed more air into the huge side scoops. Another interesting element is the longitudinal fin that takes inspiration from modern-day F1 cars.


Like the Valkyrie, the rear design eliminates most of the body work in favour of larger air outlets that can help it generate more down-force. Stand-alone taillamps and aggressively shaped diffusers dominate the rear.


The render also gets extreme vortex-generating aerodynamic aids placed on strategic points across the body of the car. These tiny winglets that sit on top of the wheel arches, at the base of the canopy and ahead of the primary fin are more focused iterations of similar tools seen in the new-gen Civic, for instance.


Again, Ferrari doesn’t have any plans to build such a hypercar as of now. But if it does, which any automotive enthusiast would think it should, Baldini’s sketch could be a brilliant inspiration for Ferrari’s own designers.

Picture Credits: Alex Imnadze Baldini – Behance

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