Garware Introduces Self-Healing Paint Protector Film In India


In a country where we often drive merely centimetres from other vehicles on the road, scratches, dings and all such things are an everyday thing. To make matters worse, most parts of our country experience harsh weather conditions throughout the year, and all of it combined, takes a toll on the vehicle’s paint finish. To address this, Garware, a big name in the sun film space, has introduced a self-healing, paint protection film.

Garware self healing paint protector

Either the entire car, bike or its most vulnerable parts can be covered in this thin and transparent film, which gets applied like a mobile phone’s screen protector. It is a specially-formulated, thermoplastic polyurethane film, which, when applied, not only protects from scratches and dents, but also from the damages resulting out of road debris and rocks. The film is made in India and is manufactured by coating a specially-formulated acrylic-based adhesive, which covers a self-healing, thin layer of film. Some unique features of the film are as follows:

  • Automatic self-healing property from minor to medium scratches
  • High optical clarity and gloss
  • High water-repellent property and durability
  • A repositionable pressure-sensitive adhesive which makes it easy to apply on curved surfaces
  • Stain-resistant and Anti-yellowing
  • Resistant to bird droppings

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Garware self healng film application

  • Provides protection against rocks, salt, insect and other road debris
  • Costs INR 675 per/sq.ft
  • All cars which are lesser in size than the Toyota Fortuner require less than 200 sq.ft for a full wrap
  • One can also pick a DIY kit to wrap the car themselves. A Panel-specific film is also available if one doesn’t require a full wrap
  • The self-healing film takes about 2-3 hours to heal a small or medium-sized scratch

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Garware self healing film

The Garware paint protection film is available at approved distributors and the company has invested in training specialists to ensure proper application of the material. The film has been developed in-house and has been tested to withstand extreme temperatures of places like Russia and the Middle East, among others, where it is already being exported. The film also blocks UV rays, adds more gloss to the paint and maintains it, is easy to apply and remove and comes with a 3-year warranty.

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