VIDEO: Audi Gives a Farewell to Mercedes Benz in the DTM Race Series

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The DTM or Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters is a German racing series which falls under the touring car category. Mercedes Benz had been a major player in the series since it was started in 2000. The other two German giants, Audi and BMW have also been a part of this series since the start. So it is natural for the companies to have a bit of rivalry on the track, but in the true spirit of motorsport, all the issues stayed on the track. The folks at Audi decided to make a beautiful video compiling good and bad moments they had on the track. Audi calls the video SEE YOU! Mercedes Benz and the video will definitely give you the feels.

Audi Flying

Mercedes Benz has won the 3 titles of the DTM and is considered to be one of the best teams in the series. They announced that this year would be their last season at the DTM, for they have different plans for motorsport. The German Manufacturer is now looking forward to making an entry into the world of Formula E. The company had initial plans of joining Formula E for this fifth, 2018-2019 season but delayed its entry by a year. They took their own time to understand the competition and get prepared for it.

Audi Merc drivers argument

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For the racing fans who enjoyed the Audi – Mercedes rivalry, they will not miss it, both the manufacturers are looking forward to competing against each other in the world of Formula E. All this indicates one thing only, the future of automobiles is simply electric. Fans of motorsport need not worry, they will indeed see their races in the future just without the sound of a glorious internal combustion engine. Do watch the video posted by Audi Germany on their YouTube channel.

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