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| August 2, 2012 | 88 Comments

Only a few days back, we reported in detail about the all new Kawasaki Ninja 650R. Our readers would remember that the new features on the latest edition of the 650cc bike make for one of the most comprehensive upgrades of the recent times. Now, the Ninja 250R, the baby brother to the mighty 650R and arguably world’s best 250cc bike, has got a long list of upgrades for its latest version. Billed as a 2013 model, the updated entry-level sport bike gets revised bodywork which makes it look more like the ZX-10R superbike.

The Ninja 250R, in its latest guise, comes with sharper bodywork with larger air vents, chiselled tank & tail section and a new windscreen that shouts ZX-10R. Another change, and a not so visible one at that, is that the fan shroud has been redesigned to push air down to the bottom of the engine and hence, keep heat off the rider. The end can gets a new heat shield and the bike also gets new wheels with a wider 140mm tire (compared to 130mm earlier) at the rear.

Talking about the things that matter the most, Kawasaki Japan website reads that the bike sports all-new DOHC Parallel Twin layout with new pistons, cylinders and crank cases. The motor also gets a a larger oil pan and anodized pistons. While the figures aren’t out yet, all the above should translate into more power and reduced acceleration times. The manufacturer claims to have given a re-visit to the chassis and adorned it with more rubber bushings to keep vibrations under check. The suspension set up too gets tweaked a bit along with the bike getting a new shape of the mainframe.

Yet another big news is that the bike will come with the option of ABS and the Japanese bike manufacturer claims that the unit on the 2013 baby Ninja is the “world’s smallest”.

The colour options for the new bike include Lime Green, Lime Green/Ebony (special edition), Ebony/Metallic Moondust Grey (special edition), Passion Red, Passion Red/Stardust White (special edition), and Pearl Stardust White. Prices have not been announced yet but safely expect the 2013 Ninja 250R to command a slight premium over the outgoing model. We are quite sure that the latest version of the bike will make it to India but when?

Are you listening Bajaj?

Check out the stunning 2013 Ninja 250R in the video below:

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  1. Kawasaki has always meant serious business with it's quater liter bomb shell and in all sanity it should as the Ninja 250 single handedly has been it's most successful motorcycle ever. So here goes another taunt to the competition! Simply superb!

    On a different note… why water mark the pictures for motoroids? does motoroids own the copyright? I saw the pictures first come up on VisorDown and they haven't water marked any of the pictures. Just because the actual owner of these photographs was kind enough not to watermark them so that we can freely use them, mean that anyone who uses the pictures starts watermarking the pictures with their own name?

  2. That is one awesome looking bike….absolutely wow. And finally a digital instrumentation cluster. Way to go! I wish the same bike is launched here at a sane price and spares costing far away from being a bomb.

  3. Sunil Sonnad says:

    Looks great! Any idea on how much it costs!

  4. Hasnt been launched yet. Only details have been published by the manufacturer.


  5. with all the new bells and whistles, this might creep upwards of the horrendous 3lacs boundary on road Delhi. Even though the tech specs are not out yet, but more torque at the bottom and mid range should be there with the changes done in the engine. With the power restrictions in the Euro countries for a 250cc motor, the power in all probability would remain the same tough.

  6. Sajal Chakraborty I hope some sense prevails at Bajaj and I would say even if they price this at 3 lacs- it'll still be a worthy buy (the build quality is just fabulous). Of course it'll hurt the existing Ninja owners. The only downside is the super expensive spare parts which gives me a high blood pressure everytime I go through the list ;)

  7. Any plans to launch in India? Someone please tell me!

  8. Well bajaj should really think about manufacturing this here, I mean they can do for ktm then they can do for this.
    And hope they bring all the colors here rather then just black lime green..

  9. Praveen Rajagopal says:

    wowwww! my dream bike… the digital meter looks promising, hope it also gets that PASS LIGHT switch. Kawasaki means Business!

  10. That is one mean looking machine.. definitely a Strong contender on my wishlist alongside the CBR250, the P200NS, and the KTM.. Now someone please hand me a few bars of gold to barter with.

  11. Praveen Rajagopal says:

    want to :D

  12. Prabhu Ram Vijayakumar says:

    dei duckalty aarambichitiya !!!!!!! vanga poravan mathiriye pesarane !!!!!! lol

  13. Ankit Rana says:

    its far better then old 250cc.

  14. Yes, it got a high beam pass light switch in this new version.

  15. But for Indonesian version, the bike will have an automatic headlamp on feature, which will turn the headlamp ON the moment you switch on the ignition.

  16. In Indonesia, new Kwak Ninja 250 will be priced around 25% more expensive compared to Honda CBR 250 R.

  17. As an illustration, the basic, non ABS version price will be around 3 times the price of Bajaj Pulsar 180 UG4 here.

  18. It will cost around 25% more expensive compared to Honda CBR 250 R in Indonesia, but i guess you guys in India got screwed regarding Ninja 250 pricing policy (just as we're screwed regarding Duke 200 pricing in Indonesia, which is unbelievably more expensive compared to Ninja 250 ABS version, LOL).

  19. What a travesty !!! R15 got nothing to compare against this godlike beauty, it can nicely collect the dust spew by Ninja 250 exhaust and rolling tyre, no doubt about that.

  20. 32 PS & 22 Nm, basically matching the max torque and smoothness of CBR 250 powerband, yet having the unmatched edge regarding its max power.

  21. It's getting perfected, and for the added money, very well worth it (atleast here in Indonesia).

    It overcomes the weaknesses that was exploited by its direct competitor, CBR 250 R, while extend the lead and improve the rough edges of the old version.

  22. Praveen Rajagopal says:

    thats great .. hope we get it soon !

  23. Am talkin abt looks not engine n performance!

  24. In India too, the Ninja is substantially pricier than the CBR. The CBR C-ABS version costs around 2 lacs and the hiterto Ninja costs around 3 lacs. I won't compare the price of the Ninja with other motorcycles, because for the price of Ninja you start getting four wheelers here :) So, basically it's the cost of tech, quality and above all the surreal performance the Ninja commands, factors which have enabled the Ninja to remain the undisputed King in it's segment.

  25. Chaitanya Vedak: You said you buying a Panigale. Why Ninja now? ;)

  26. Idhar Recession se mera Paani-Gal raha hai… toh baaki sab duur ki baat hai.. ab jab tak stability nahi aati…. UNICORN ZINDABAAD…..

  27. It seems Ninja 250 India price is so skyhigh because of import duty levied on it, unlike CBR 250 which was locally made. If both are imported, you can expect the price discrepancy will shrink, atleast not worse than Indonesia's 25% discrepancy it commanded.

  28. I have the Ninja 250r 2008 variant with analog meters. Can anyone tell me if I can upgrade to the digital meters in the new version?

  29. agora sim e completa , vou comprar.

  30. ini motor amat bagus… tp…kpn ya bisa beli..mmmmmmmmm…..

  31. Agner Rufino says:

    agora sim e completa , vou comprar.

  32. hahaha só se eu deixar

  33. Vibhur Choudhary says:

    awesome bike

  34. I'm looking to get one the price in south africa is R50000 looking at 6000 dollars should I wait another couple of months for the 2013 release or go for the 2012?

  35. Vhey Ganic says:

    sngat d sayangkn disain belakang kurang lancip……..

  36. I want to buy 2013 ninja in april…….

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