Ferrari to introduce a special edition of 458 Italia for celebrating its 20th anniversary in China

| April 11, 2012 | 2 Comments

2012 marks the 20th anniversary for Ferrari’s Chinese operations which commenced in the country with the launch of a 348 TS. Ferrari will be soon seen launching the 458 Italia special edition. Only 20 of these cars will be sold. The car will be available only in China and will come with a special paint job that will have unique Chinese elements and will be in a shade of Marco Polo Red, which has been specially developed for this car. The 458 Italia comes with an 8 cylinder mid-rear engine and which has won more than 35 awards globally. One of the major highlights of the special edition of the car will be the golden dragon on the hood. The monster will be seen offset by gold and black livery stripes. This unique design is enhanced by gold finish to the rims and the aeroelastic winglets. The interior also reflects the unique longma spirit and the celebration of Chinese culture with gold embroidery on the car’s head rests, while the engine start button on each of the 20 cars is inscribed with the simplified Chinese characters for ‘start’, and a ’20th Anniversary Special Edition’ plaque is set into the dash.

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  1. I am sooo feeling to steal those rims… And the special edition looks spectacular..

  2. I am sooo feeling to steal those rims… And the special edition looks spectacular..

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