Bajaj working on a faired Pulsar 200NS. Perfect successor to the P220?

| February 4, 2012 | 53 Comments

Yet another big announcement to come from the after effects of Bajaj unveiling the 2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is that Bajaj Auto is busy working on development of a fully faired variant of the recently showcased Pulsar 200 NS.

Now, most of the premium segment bikes (read: Hero ZMR, Yamaha R15, Honda CBR250R) sport a fairing and as per the perception of many, a faired bike needs to be sharper and faster. Several R15 buyers were smitten by the machine only because it ‘looked’ like a race bike. Some still compare the ZMR with the baby CBR because both of them sport a full fairing. Thus, having a fairing seems to be the most quintessential factor to appear cool.

The Pulsar 200NS should also rub shoulders with the upcoming CBR 150R. The good part is that it should be priced considerably lower than both the R15 and the 150R and the 23BHP machine should outrun these two 17 and 18 bhp bikes on the road.

The faired 200NS should be the perfect successor to the fast aging Pulsar 220 DTSi and we are eagerly waiting to swing a leg on the all new Pulsar.

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  1. Pulsar 220F – 220CC, digital twin spark ignition system(dtsi-s) giving only 21PS.
    Pulsar 200NS – 200CC triple, while it is digital triple spark ignition system giving a whooping 23.52PS only 1.48PS less than Honda CBR 250r.

  2. Can any one help me out.. am a lil confused abt the recking engine reputation gained by BAJAJ PULSARSSS.. it that reflecting in this one tooo?

    pls pls psl help!

  3. Well, Bajaj engines are nowhere as smooth as Hondas…the new motor on 200 NS is almost like a Yamaha though. as for reliability….yes..people say bajaj engines are not reliable..but the fact is that they are reliable. Just that they cant stand much of an abuse. Good thing is that Bajaj spares are very cheap as compared to the Japanese. Hope this helps

  4. Yatharth S. Chauhan Isnt Pulsar 200NS engine going to be reliable. I guess the older engines were not that reliable and could not stand much of an abuse but the new motor develop with Ktm is radical, refined unlike never before any Bajaj bike. So wouldn't it transform to reliability as well?

  5. Yes! 200NS' engine is a league ahead of the engines seen on Pulsars but reliability will only be told by time. As for the power figures, this is very common. The new 200cc makes more power that 220cc only because it is a new age engine. 220 makes more power than Karizma's 223cc only because honda's is even older.

  6. Thats true. Reliability will be told by time. I can just have fingers crossed but I blv it should not be a problem. Karizma has quite dated engine as well as body I dont like them a bit. Hope to see a nice fairing on new P200 since fairing crazy ppl are alot in our country. Thanks for the quick reply.

  7. Abhisek Kumar Verma not thank me for is always nice interacting with dear readers…even i want a fairing on the 200 ns….i am quite bored with my 2009 220F…

  8. I have always love your post on Motoroids. Watching some rare pics of P200NS on your profile. :)

  9. Abhisek Kumar Verma yeah…i was lucky to have a lil rendezvous with the new bajaj recently….one of the best things about it is the brakes…

  10. Iv heard that P200NS has a smoother exhaust note compared to D200 (& ofcourse much smoother than P220F).. How far is that true? Also do you have any idea when the Faired P200 will be launched? Today I saw some bike in the morning probably it was D200 and the sound was amazingly good.

  11. well..the 200NS doesnt sounds powerful or eager in low revs but the moment u whip it…the note becomes very nice and is a muzik to ears….but all said and done….the ktm sounds better…

  12. Yatharth S. Chauhan – but…. we youngisthan are so addicted to rash driving ;) , u must be agreeing to it ! am not so dat type , but can it withsthand an average rash driving for releif ?

  13. Niztuel JO yes…it surely can…though i wont advise any1 to rash riding for that adrenaline rush..ask me…iv crashed head on into a bus…at top speed of my 220….and been in coma for 3 months…all my need for rash riding has gone away after then

  14. Yatharth S. Chauhan :D thankya dude ! ! been plessre chattin wit ya ! !

  15. Niztuel JO The feeling is pretty mutual…take care mate..

  16. @ Niztuel JO Pls watch the videos of and overdrive where they rip the P200NS like anything. Hope you wont be ripping like that. so ofcourse it can withstand certain extent of rash driving.

    @Yatharth Sry mate for recommending other website's vids but didnt have better ones ;)

  17. Abhisek Kumar Verma thanks mahn … jus got what i need ! !

  18. Yatharth S. Chauhan thanks mahn … jus got what i need ! !

  19. Abhisek Kumar Verma nah…dun be sorry for a way…you are just being a help to the other visitors over here….ultimately its upto you all to decide which site you guys shud visit….

  20. Yatharth S. Chauhan While watching xbhp video and after reading some reviews I could hear some noise comgin from the engine at low rpms.. is it bearable or makes a mess? Also u missed my question on the ur estimations on P200 Fairing launch dates.

  21. sir jee ru thr.. :) my last questn pls…

  22. the fairing wont come before a year…as for the noise…maybe it is only with the particular example u saw in the video….the bike's engine note is very normal and gets loud but rorty only in higher rpms….i liked it

  23. launch date plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?

  24. Mohammed Ahmed says:

    super like

  25. I hope it will come to the philippines soon!

  26. why in philippines did`nt have great models like that… hope it will introduce here in philippines cause there are so many bajaj enthusiast here in our country.

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