Meet the Redpony, Minaam’s Super Hot Polo GT TSI

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The Volkswagen Polo GT TSI is a brilliant little hatch which started a performance hatchback cult in our country, it may not have been the first performance hatch but it sure was the first one to have such a huge impact in the Indian market. Known for its dual nature, you could use it as a daily driver to go to work, carry groceries and even three other people in comfort but when you are alone on an empty stretch of tarmac, you just floor it and have a great time. So when the time came to buy a new car, Minaam had no doubts in his mind and brought a red Polo GT TSI. Some time with the car and he realised the stock 103 bhp and 175 Nm was not enough for him, he wanted more and that started his journey of modifications which made his Polo the Redpony.

Minaam’s redpony left

Starting with the exterior, Minaam has replaced the stock headlights with Golf R headlights which have aftermarket HIDs, to illuminate even the darkest roads at night, and custom made eyebrows in a matching red colour. Even the bumper, grille and chrome elements have been painted in a nice red and black paint scheme. The car gets a nice and low stance courtesy of KW Street Comfort coilovers which are hidden by 4 gold colour 17″ Team Dynamics Monza wheels which are wrapped in 205/45 section Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres. The rear of the car is de-badged so the losers cannot find out what car it is and keep guessing. On the Inside, the Redpony gets an OEM GTI Armrest, VW Jetta cabin lights and VW black leather seats with contrasting red stitching.

Minaam’s redpony interior

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The Redpony, as per a dyno now makes 127 hp and 270 Nm, mind you a dyno measures the power and torque at the wheel, not at the crank and these figures are about 15% less than the crank figures. So how does the turbocharged 1.2-litre engine make so much power? A Superchips ECU & TCU remap pump the figures up by a huge number and to aid the engine a bit more, Minaam installed a BMC Carbon fibre air intake and a custom exhaust to help the engine breathe better. The custom exhaust comprises a custom stainless steel piping which connects the headers to a Magnaflow RaceCat and finally leads to a Borla Spitfire end can which produces nice pops and crackles on upshifts. Talking about upshifts, the Redpony has an MK7 GTI steering wheel which comes with paddles which make manual shifting more fun. To control all the crazy acceleration, Minaam also installed larger K Sport BigBrakeKit with EBC RedStuff pads which stops the red pony on a dime. Here are some images of the Redpony, let us know your thoughts on the Redpony in the comments below after you browse through some images of the car. 

Minaam’s redpony headlights
Minaam’s redpony front right
Minaam’s redpony engine bay close up

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