VIDEO: TVS Apache RR 310 Long Term Review | All Doubts Answered


The RR 310 from TVS has been in the Motoroids garage for 2 months now, we love the bike and have kept giving our opinions on the bike all along. After extensive riding for 2000 kilometres, we are now in a better position to answer all your doubts regarding the wonderful machine. Below we have covered a list of things you, our readers, want to know

TVS Apache RR310 – India Launch (24)

Maintenance Costs:

The average running RR 310 would cost around INR 5,000 a year for service. The parts also are decently priced. Click here for a detailed price list of all the parts. As per our calculations, the bike would cost you about INR 30,000 to INR 33,000 for every 10,000 kilometres.

Fuel efficiency:

Over the period of 2 months that we have had the bike, we have constantly achieved a fuel efficiency varying between 26 kmpl to 30 kmpl. Please note that this efficiency is achieved during moderate day to day riding. The figure can drop to as low as 20 kmpl if you ride hard and go as much as 38 kmpl if driven extremely lightly.

Build Quality:

The build quality of the bike is top notch. During our testing period, the bike has been given a fair share of rough roads and potholes. It may have hit some potholes quite hard too but the body showed no sign of damage at all. Even the wheel rim is built to great standards and showed no sign of bending. Many readers were also concerned about the bolts holding the fairing, we are happy to report that during our test period they have showed no sign of damage yet. The body paint also is of top quality and is still looking awesome after being ridden for 2000 kilometres during the rainy season.



The bike is extremely user friendly and has a relaxed yet dedicated riding posture. The rider seat also gets ample of padding, making long rides very comfortable. The engine may sound a bit rough but should not be mistaken for not being refined. The motor is one of the most refined ones in the segment and has very minor vibrations on the top of the rev range. The pillion seat looks very nice however lacks in the comfort department. It is suitable only for small city rides, anything more would cause discomfort and the lack of a rear grab rail also does not help.


The LED headlight offers great intensity specially with the high beam. A little more intense low beam would have been a welcome feature. The alignment of the headlight however could have been a bit better, making the LEDs give a better throw in the dark.

Ride Quality:

The ride quality had us impressed since the moment we got our hands on the bike. The ABS on offers adds to the forgiving nature of the bike. The good handling characteristics make the bike easy to zip in and out of city traffic. We have kept the rear mono shock at its third stiffest setting which we found to be comfortable enough for our roads. With more softer settings of the rear suspension available, the ride can be made much more soft and comfy if you tackle rather bad roads on a daily basis. The engine unit also shows no sign of heating which we have tested out in the video below.

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We truly are in love with the bike and at this moment would even go ahead and call the RR 310 the best bike available in its segment. However, like most things in life, everything is not perfect. If we had to nitpick some issues of the bike, they would be the lack of a grab rail for the pillion, the lack of an assist clutch and the poor quality of paint on the rear view mirror stalks which already has chipped off. There must be some scope of improvement right? Watch the video below for our long term report of the beautiful TVS RR 310.

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