Meet The World’s Most Powerful Turbocharged Royal Enfield Continental GT

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Royal Enfield is a popular choice not only for fans in India but abroad as well. We’ve seen many people thumping away on a Royal Enfield on foreign land. Heck, even Katrina Kaif rode a Classic 350 in a certain Bollywood flick. But our attention this time went not towards these connections but towards a certain RE modified outside India.


Done up by Ric Steele and his folks at Perth based MotoMax in Australia, this Royal Enfield Continental GT has been transformed into a beautiful café racer. But the deisgn or the theme is not what we are entirely concentrating on here. This Continental GT here is not your regular naturally aspirated motor but a turbocharged one, and the most powerful unit at that.

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The model, christened as the Continental GT-T, produces almost 100% more output over the standard state-of-tune. With the help of a tiny RHB31 turbocharger from the Suzuki Jimny, the power output has risen from a mere 29 hp to 50 bhp; quite an increase we must say. The motorcycle though, continues to use the same compression ratio of 8.5:1 in order to retain its reliability. The boost is limited to 7 psi from 3000 rpm with the help of a Power Commander V with an AutoTune module.


Now that we’re done with the engine, let me tell you about the visual upgrades. Up front, the Continental GT-T receives smaller aftermarket turn indicators and a custom mud- guard with a brushed finish. The stock handlebar makes way for a Motomax branded clip-on unit while the OEM paint-job on the fuel tank made way for a brushed metal finish too. This tank now is now equipped with a gold Enfield badge on either side while the addition of a leather tank belt looks surprisingly neat.

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At the rear, the tail-setup is replaced by a tail tidy made up from the original element and bracket, flanked by the same, small aftermarket turn indicators seen at the front. Also on offer is a re-upholstered brown leather flat seat from the RE catalogue as well as a new exhaust system with black piping.

For those of you thinking of buying one, you need not be disappointed as the company will soon begin the sale of this retro-fitted turbo kit, the announcement of which would be made on their Facebook page. As you wait for the details such as the price of this kit, pen down your views through the comments section below.


Following is an image gallery of the Royal Enfield Continental GT-T by MotoMax (click to expand):

Turbocharged Royal Enfield Continental GT-T (7)
Turbocharged Royal Enfield Continental GT-T (5)
Turbocharged Royal Enfield Continental GT-T (4)
Turbocharged Royal Enfield Continental GT-T (3)
Turbocharged Royal Enfield Continental GT-T (2)
Turbocharged Royal Enfield Continental GT-T (1)

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