Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Driven in Mumbai | An All-Weather Ferrari For Four

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The name ‘Ferrari’ induces passion and emotions which are hard to match. When we got to drive the Ferrari GTC4LussoT, we were pretty excited to be behind the wheel of a Scarlet Red car with the famed prancing horse etched in the leather. A spiritual successor to the FF, when Ferrari proposed the idea of an all-wheel-drive model, those who follow the automotive world were almost certain that the brand was breaking away from its promise and an SUV could roll out of the factory gates at Maranello. What came out thankfully though was the GTC4Lusso, a 4-seater GT with a proper V12 ticking under its long and curvy hood.

First things first. The roads and the traffic in Mumbai aren’t the most ideal to be piloting a car of such pedigree. Even if we could find an empty stretch, given the strictly enforced speed limits, there was no way we could tap into even half a per cent of what this machine has to offer. However, we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do and so we trickled out of the Ferrari dealership for that red gloss to see some sunshine and to for us to reserve a special day in our memories.

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The GTC4Lusso is the evolution of the elements which were infused together to develop the FF. It came out as a better proposition than the FF in terms of everything. Be it performance on offer or the practicality it brought on the table. The GTC4Lusso is offered with two engine options. The 3.9 litre V8 Bi-turbo that we got to drive cranks out 600 PS of power and 760 Nm of torque and goes by the name GTC4LussoT. What’s interesting is that it produces even more torque than the 6-litre naturally aspirated V12 which is on offer as well. The humongous V12 is good for 690 PS and 697 Nm. The GTC4LussoT does 0-100 in 3.5 seconds and the top speed is rated at 320 km/h. While the V12-powered car will do the same in 3.4 seconds and hits a top whack of 335 km/h.

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Since our experience was limited to city streets, we’ll be honest and tell you that the experience was more special than thrilling. The engine responds to the slightest of inputs and the steering feels extremely direct. It demands songs of accolades as the hydraulic unit is among the most responsive we have ever experienced. What’s a Ferrari without its vocals, right? This one sings too and the engine lets out a deep growl when you step on the accelerator. It remains silent while idling so that when you start it during the wee hours of the day, it won’t disrupt your neighbours’ sleep. On the streets of Mumbai, where the car doesn’t really belong, we were astounded by the practicality the Lusso offered and the ease with which it took the road quality in its stride.

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The GTC4Lusso, if you see it for the first time, comes out as a rather unique car to look at. The never-ending bonnet stands out as the most prominent visual feature highlighted by a huge air intake at the front. The side profile, as you would expect from a Ferrari, looks smashingly beautiful. The fins that you see on the side aren’t just gorgeous to look at but are functional too as they assist in diverting the air from the front wheel arches. The rear looks similar to that of the FF albeit two LED Tail lamps on both the ends instead of just one on the FF. The car that we drove had an optional glass sunroof which multiplies the overall visual appeal of the car. It doesn’t come as standard though and can be opted by paying a hefty INR 16 lakh.

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When you enter the cabin of a car which has the prancing horse logo splattered over, you would expect yourself to be bowled over and the GTC4Lusso’s cabin did just that. If your high life is high on personalisation, Ferrari offers a host of customisation options to their customers for a cabin which matches their taste and personality. The dashboard has a 3D sculpted appeal which looks very aesthetically appealing and the use of soft-touch materials all around gives it that high born feel. However, we feel that the quality of the buttons used could have been a little better.

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There’s a 10.3-inch infotainment screen in the middle which takes up most of the centre console. It contains all the information that you can think of and has a very intuitive UI. It also has a split-screen mode which makes it convenient for both the driver and the passenger. The front seats are manually adjustable in the standard trim but in the electronic package which costs INR 12 lakh, it allows 12-way electronic adjustability.  The front passenger gets a separate touchscreen for the infotainment screen and the regular driving information. Overall, for a Ferrari, this is a very practical cabin with lots of storage spaces.

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Ferrari is known to design one of the best steering wheels in the game and in this regard, the GTC4Lusso follows the same legacy. It has a flat bottom for reference and is very comprehensive. There’s that Manettino which lets you toggle through driving modes and even the one which fires up the fruity V8 finds its place on the wheel. One can also opt for a carbon fibre steering wheel instead of a standard one. It uses actual carbon fibre if you are wondering, instead of faux.

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When you think of a sports car, you would throw practicality out of the window and you would attract scoffs from all around even if you mention rear seat comfort. But the GTC4Lusso shines in that regard as the rear seats are actually usable. Getting in the rear seats requires you to pull a flap on the front seat and then it goes forward electrically. The space for rear passengers is quite generous. It offers sufficient knee room with thigh support and makes the rear a very cosy place to be. There are also cup holders with magnetic armrest which comes with storage and two AC vents so that the passengers at the rear don’t feel unattended. The boot space is north of 400 litres. We were pretty surprised to see so much of boot space in a sportscar.

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The GTC4Lusso stands 135 mm above the surface. One might think that it’s not sufficient to deal with the humongous bumps our Indian road are famous for. To deal with it and to make the GTC4Lusso even more usable, Ferrari has used a little party trick which requires you to press a button which lifts the car up by 40 mm! From our brief experience then, if you’ve got the cash and you need something which helps you attract all the flash, the Ferrari GTC4Lusso comes out as a very practical car, which also stays true to the characteristics of a Ferrari. It feels incredibly special, makes you feel the same, and if you somehow manage to release those horses from their stables and set them free, you will know what makes Ferraris the most desirable cars in the World. If you are about to call your accountant, the GTC4Lusso range starts at Rs. 4.64 crore ex-showroom and offers over INR 1 crore worth of accessories.

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