11 Things Tata Tigor Offers Over Tiago You Probably Didn’t Know Of (Boot Not Included)

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While we did an exhaustive review of the new Tigor a couple of weeks back, we recently got a chance to drive the new ‘styleback’ alongside our long term Tiago to figure as to how different it felt to its hatchback sibling. So while the additional boot space and the added trunk are a given, and are there for everyone to notice and appreciate, we were pleasantly surprised to realize that the Tigor offers a whole bunch of additional goodies over the Tiago, which one may miss if he doesn’t have a keen eye. Here in this feature, we will list out all the exclusive features of the Tata Tigor over the Tiago. Check them all out, we’re sure you’ll be as surprised as we are.


Tata Tigor headlamp

Tata Zica Headlamps (4)

Probably the first difference you’d notice between the Tiago and the Tigor would be the headlamps design. While the Tiago receives the standard halogen headlamp, the Tigor comes with a projector headlamp setup and a smoked effect for the lens. The Tigor’s eyes, thus not just look jazzier, they’re also more capable in illuminating the road ahead as darkness gathers.


Tata Tigor front bumper

Tata Zica Grille

In the first glance, one is likely to miss the minute difference between the grille of these two Tata siblings. While both the models have a grille with the hexagonal mesh design, the Tigor receives a more detailed design as you can see in the images here.

Alloy wheels (Petrol trim):

Tata Tigor alloy wheels

Tata Tigor alloy wheels

While the diesel versions of both the Tiago and the Tigor are equipped with the same alloy wheel design, the difference lies in the petrol units. The Tiago petrol receives the same alloy wheel design as its diesel counterpart, while the Tigor petrol receives diamond cut alloy wheels which go rather well with those smoked out headlamps.

LED tail lamps and stop lamp:

Tata Zica Boot Space (3)

While the rear profile of the Tigor is completely different than the Tiago due to the addition of the boot, the Tigor does feel a bit more premium, courtesy the use of LED tail lamps (Tiago gets a bulb setup) as well as the roof mounted spoiler with the LED stop lamp.

Boot (nope, we didn’t count this one in the list):

Tata Tigor bootspace

The most important difference between the Tiago and its sedan sibling would be the boot and the boot space. While most sub-4 metre sedans have a gooseneck boot hinge, the Tigor comes equipped with pneumatic struts that helps save on some crucial space. Talking about space, the Tigor receives an additional 179 litres of boot space over the 240 litre boot of the Tiago, taking the total boot space to  a massive 419 litres.

Colour touchscreen infotainment system

Tata Tigor infotainment system voice command menu

Tata Tiago (3)

The Tigor receives a five inch coloured touchscreen infotainment system that replaces the standard monochrome unit with LCD display from the Tiago. Similar to the unit seen on the Bolt, you can now change songs and shuffle between your favourite radio stations with the touch input.

Automatic climate control

Tata Tigor automatic climate control

Tata Zica Interior Detail (19)

The Tigor comes with the automatic climate control feature, something that is missing on the Tiago. The conventional, bulky looking knobs on the Tiago pave way for sleeker and neat HVAC control knobs, while the buttons allow you to change the throw of the air. For those of you who might not want to stretch your arms below, you can adjust the controls via the touchscreen system.

Gear shift indicator

Tata Tigor gear shift indicator

Tata Zica Infotainment System (6)

A small but noticeable change in the instrument cluster is the position of the gear shift indicator. While the Tiago displays the gear shift indicator on the top end left corner of the MID display, the Tigor shows a comparatively larger shift indicator, positioned above the odometer reading in the MID display.

Additional 12V socket

Tata Tigor 12 Volt charging port

For those customers who plan to be chauffeur driven and work on the go as well, there’s an additional 12V socket situated next to the hand brake in the Tigor. The feature can be useful in case you plan to charge your laptop while you’re stuck in traffic. This power outlet is in addition to the 12V socket available under the center console for both Tiago and Tigor.

Rear Arm-Rest

Tata Tigor second row arm rest with cup holders

Tata Zica Rear Seat (2)

The second row of the Tigor, to give it a more premium feel, and offer more comfort to the back benchers, comes equipped with a central arm-rest that can be pulled out conveniently from within the central backrest. The hand-rest also features two cup holders, taking the utility space number up to 24 when compared to 22 in the Tiago.

Reverse Camera:

Tata Tigor reverse camera view

The Tigor also features a reverse camera, in addition to the reverse parking sensors that have been carried over from the Tiago. The reverse camera view can be seen in the infotainment system, which also displays lines that guide you to park.

Electric Boot Release:

Tata Tigor boot release button

Tata Zica Interior Detail (27)

While the Tiago, just as most other vehicles, receives the manual boot open switch below the driver seat, the Tigor receives an electric boot release button situated on the centre console, located next to the Eco mode button.

We have driven the Tiago extensively for over 11,000 km, and can vouch for its quality and performance. We are prettty sure that the Tigor is also built as wonderfully well as its hatchback cousin, though we’ll have to lay our hands on a long-term unit before we comment on its reliability. It comes across as a very well equipped machine though, and adds a whole bunch of features over the Tiago’s already rich set of amenities.

The Tigor (top-end trim) retails for 7.09 lakh ex-showroom, a premium of Rs 1.25 lakh over its similarly specced Tiago sibling. Worth the extra money? You tell us through the comments section below, or give us a shoutout on one of our social channels online.

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