Zoomcar adds auto-rickshaws to their self-drive rental car fleet

Zoomcar introduces auto-rickshaw to its fleet of self-drive rental cars. The pilot project garners 1,000 enquiries soon after its launch.

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Zoomcar has provided convenience to the public with their self-drive car rental service. You book a car, set a plan, take it for a spin/long-drive/vacation, return the vehicle back and you are done. The company offers a wide range of cars for rental, from the Tata Nano to the premium Mercedes-Benz GLA. This service has not only provided expediency but also happens to be economical. At the moment, Zoomcar services are active in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pune, Bengaluru and Chennai.

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Taking the ‘economical’ factor a bit further, Zoomcar has added auto-rickshaws to its self-driving fleet. The self-drive rickshaw service has been launched as a pilot project across six Indian cities except Chandigarh. The customers who book an Auto rickshaw for their self-drive will get a mandatory training session of 10 minutes before they head for their drive. As of now the company is offering only a 30-minute drive per booking that will cost INR 40. Prior to all of that three wheeler fun, customers also need to pay a sum of INR 5,000 as a refundable safety deposit.

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The folks at Zoomcar feel that their new pilot project will be well received by patrons because auto-rickshaws rental service is cheaper than any other vehicle offered on rent. Also, these three-wheelers prove to be a convenient mode of transportation as it can easily whiz through congested city roads. Also after the launch of the project, Zoomcar received over 1,000 enquiries for their self-drive rickshaws.

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