You Can Now Report Vehicle Defects On MoRTH’s Parivahan Website Under Vehicle Recall Portal

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The digital era is blooming at a tremendous rate, no doubt about that. Even the Government is taking all the steps to ensure a smooth process for people by making new portals and applications. Similarly, vehicle recall is a serious concern in the automotive industry and now the government has a solution. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has launched a Vehicle Recall Portal on the Parivahan website that users can fully utilize in case their vehicle has a defect. India follows a voluntary vehicle recall policy, the latest initiative will shift the policy to a mandatory vehicle recall policy.

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With the help of this portal, the vehicle owners can register on the official portal and register. Through this portal, they can submit their objections. Vehicle owners can also post complaints about a specific part or a software issue they are facing, that may cause hindrance in road safety.

Vehicle recall portal

The owner can register a complaint within 7 years of the purchase of the vehicle. This portal will investigate the complaints registered of the vehicles and announce if it needs a recall or not. The report states that this portal will require a centralized agency just like the National Highway Safety Administration. This higher agency will monitor, investigate and rectify defects in the vehicle through safety recalls. This agency will overlook all the processes and will make sure that there is no chaos amongst the owners.

MoRTH had earlier revised the Motor Vehicle Act in the country and framed rules according to which automakers will have to issue a mandatory vehicle recall. The ministry had earlier announced last year that it will come up with a slew of rules to streamline the process of vehicle recalls in the country. Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, had given his go-ahead to draft the new measures for mandatory vehicle recall and brought them into effect from April 1, 2021.

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