Yamamoto will replace Chandhok at Hockenheim

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Money may not be able to buy you happiness, but it can surely put you in the driver’s seat during an F1 race for real! Yea, sponsorship money surely makes a difference in the world of motorsports with respect to the choice of some teams in choosing their drivers. Sakon Yamamoto has got lucky again . He will be replacing Hispania Racing Team’s Karun Chandhok at the upcoming Hockenheim race in Germany. The28 year old Japanese driver had earlier replaced Chandhok’s teammate Bruno Senna at the Silverstone race. According to media reports, Yamamoto enjoys sponsorship backing to the tune of 5 million USD.

The Hispania Racing Team issued a statement yesterday, stating that Yamamoto’s performance in Silverstone was very positive and he would be getting another chance to drive for them at the upcoming race in Germany. This time he will have Bruno Senna as his teammate for a change. The team also stated that Chandhok is still a part of the team family and is likely to be in the car at some races later this season.

The team’s other test driver, Christian Klien, was quoted in the media statement saying that from now on the team will nominate any one of the for driver’s for the race seat. He also told the website motorline.cc, that all four drivers in the team are treated equally though the decision rests with the team. Yamamoto stated that the last weekend was very exciting for him. He also said that the team has given him another chance to race on Sunday and he will do his best to prove that it was a right decision.

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