Yamaha’s SixONy Nano film coating is super heat and corrosion resistant

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Yamaha Motor Company has announced the new “SixONy” surface treatment technology which it will display at the “O&S International Trade Fair for Surface Treatments & Coatings” to be held from May 31 to June 2 in Stuttgart, Germany.

What is SixONy?

This name was coined based on the silicon oxynitride (SiOxNy) ceramics film amorphous structure of the nano film several tens of nanometers thick which makes up SixONy. SixONy also features heat resistance to 700°C, excellent corrosion resistance, excellent barrier effects to oxygen, water, chlorine, etc., production of a wide range of colors such as gold, blue, peach, and purple, the forming of a transparent insulation film with high heat resistance, etc.

SixONy has been used in the exhaust pipes of the Yamaha MT-09 series sports bike, as well as cocktail shakers made by other manufacturers. This exhibition will introduce the technology and practical applications of SixONy, promoting its versatility and development potential in a wide range of fields.

What is the O&S Trade Fair?

The O&S trade fair will include more than 300 organizations and companies from over 30 countries around the world, principally from Europe and North America, featuring leading-edge technology in the fields of surface treatment technology for metals, plastics, and glass, as well as coatings and plasma-based surface treatment.

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