Yamaha YZF R25 brought to India for INR 2.16 Lakhs

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It is being expected that the Yamaha YZF R25 India launch would happen towards the end of this year. However, it has recently emerged that Yamaha India has imported an unknown 250cc motorcycle into the country for “Research and Development” purposes. There are very good chances that the imported bike is none other than the new Yamaha YZF R25, which has been unveiled in Indonesia recently. The 250cc Yamaha Motorcycle that has been imported into India has a declared value of INR 2,16,099. While the Yamaha has unveiled only one unit of this motorcycle to our country, this figure does give us a rough idea of what the Yamaha YZF R25 price in India could be like.

yamaha yzf r25 price in india

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Going by the difference in price of Yamaha YZF R15 in India and Indonesia, along with the declared value of this imported model, it is expected that Yamaha YZF R25 Price in India could be pegged around INR 2.0 Lakhs. The new Yamaha YZF R25 is powered by a twin cylinder, DOHC 8 Valves, 250cc engine that has a max power of 36 ps@12000 RPM and peak torque of 22.1 Nm@ 10000 RPM. The Compression Ratio is rated at 11.6:1 and the engine comes mated to a six speed manual gearbox. The new bike has a wet weight of 166 kgs. The R25 is built around a tubular Diamond frame and the motorcycle has a fuel tank capacity of 14.3 L.

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  • Chirag says:

    Proper sport bikes have high power and less torque. You don’t need high torque. You need power. Actually torque matters at high RPM which is called power.
    Will you compare CBR150r with discover150 or pulsar150 or yamaha fz, because they have almost equal torque i.e. 12.5nm?
    CBR150r is faster than r15 in 0-100 by 1 sec n even in top speed but it has torque of just 12.6nm while r15 has 15nm.
    dude cbr has about more power(about 1 ps) which makes it faster. So understand power and torque before you speak.
    Torque is needed in tourers where you can get good power at low rpms in even high gears. You need power in sports bike

  • Ratul says:

    Torque dekha hain? Only 22nm. Even ZMR has 20 nm of torque. Honda CBR has 27nm. Baraabar hi rahegi. After all, R25 weight is also higher @ 166kgs. However, the twin cylinder might give it an edge! 🙂

    Can anyone tell me if the high seating will be gud for my gf!?? That’s why I was refraining from going for the R25 & was targetting the CBR 300 instead.:)

  • vivek says:

    1 copy of the bike has arrived at Yamaha Pune FACTORY. One of technical service person from Borivali service center was to go to understand wiring and other technicalities last month…

  • Manpreet says:

    Thank you Yatharth for these details and Information, I open my Mail ID just for Motoroids and Motoroids should be proud to have you……
    If Yamaha R25 comes to india with a price tag of 2lakh, i dont know what will happen to RC200, Ninja300, Duke series and others…….No one can come near Yamaha apart from Kawasaki and kawasaki has Big Price tags on its bikes…..

  • chinmaya says:

    Motoroids lost it again. 2 lacs for a Yammie 250cc..thats day dreaming. Cant wait to see you guys biting the dust again.Yamaha R15 v3 and that list of changes…ROFLMAO