Yamaha R25 production model could be less than 2 hours from its public debut

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As we’ve been saying, the Yamaha R25 production model could make its public debut today and if this screenshot of a Yamaha teaser website is anything to go by, the Yamaha R25 production model is less than two hours away from its public debut.  CLICK HERE FOR OUR EARLIER STORY ON YAMAHA R25 RELEASE DATE. Earlier this month, Yamaha launched a teaser website that features a video clip teasing the unveiling of what could very well be the production model Yamaha R25.

Check the video here-


If this video is anything to go by, the bike maker plans to promote the upcoming bike’s tech as ‘RevSTATION’. While Yamaha has so far refrained from divulging any details about the upcoming product, this video clip gives us a sneak peek at the R25 concept. Also, as can be seen in the image below, the developers of the teaser website have used ‘R25′ as one of the keywords. Hence, it is highly likely that the Yamaha R25 production model will be unveiled today.

The Yamaha R25 production model will be powered by a parallel twin 250cc engine that is likely to have a max power of around 35PS. However, chances are that cost-sensitive markets like that of India could get a single cylinder 250cc motor that will help the bike maker to price the upcoming model ultra competitively. The R25, unlike the R15, will be built around a tubular frame. It may be noted that the R15 boasts of a steel spars frame.

Stay tuned to Motoroids for details on production Yamaha R25.

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