Yamaha MT-15 To Be Launched On March 15th – What To Expect?

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For fans who were disappointed after answering the Call Of The Blue during the FZ Version 3.0 launch, Yamaha India will dial again on the 15th of March, 2019. The bike maker will launch the much-awaited MT-15 motorcycle, bringing cheer to those who hung up after getting to know that the refreshed FZ carried no mechanical updates. A naked streetfighter, the MT-15 is essentially a stripped down R15 with different body panels. Here’s what you can expect from the bike before the covers come off.

How different will the MT-15 be from the R15 V3?

The MT-15 will use the same motor as the R15 V3. Behind some bodywork, it makes 19.3 PS and 15 Nm and we think those figures will be identical when the motor is exposed too. However, Yamaha could alter the gearing and manipulate power delivery characteristics to suit the MT-15’s street-friendly appearance.

Yamaha MT 15 India

In terms of equipment, the MT-15 will employ a different type of conventional, telescopic forks up front. Going by the spy images, the rear cast-aluminium swingarm on the faired bike will be replaced with a box-section unit for the MT-15. In terms of appearance, the India-spec motorcycle will sport LED headlights and borrow its alloy wheels from the R15. The body panels though will be identical to the international-spec MT-15. An all-digital instrument console, switchgear and dual-channel ABS could most probably be similar to the R15.

Yamaha MT 15 Spied side

How will it be priced?

With the Yamaha R15’s prices now hiked up to INR 1.39 lakh (ex-showroom) after the addition of dual-channel ABS, we expect the MT-15 to be priced near the INR 1.20 lakh mark. At that price, the MT-15 will breathe pretty close to the FZ 25 though, which now retails at INR 1.33 lakh and has a slight capacity and power advantage.

all new yamaha mt 15 gray black

Will it be fun to ride?

Where the R15 weighs 139 kilos, the MT-15 will tip the scales at nearly 133 kg (+/- 2 or 3). The difference in weight isn’t all the much. However, the street-friendly riding posture will allow for straightforward milking of that sweet motor which is such a riot under the R15’s fuel tank. So if it’s the urban jungle you will be tackling mostly instead of the twisties, you might just put your money on the MT-15 if you were in the market for an R15. We’ll bring you more details when the actual motorcycle is launched. Until then, stay tuned!

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