India Spec MT-15 Leaked in Teaser Video: Launch Expected by March 2019

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A leaked video, apparently from a dealer conference of Yamaha has revealed the teaser video for the India-spec MT-15. The Yamaha MT-15 is essentially a naked version of the fabulous YZR-R15 which punches above its weight, and despite being just a 155cc machine performs like it belongs to a higher engine class. The MT-15 will share its engine with the R15 which produces 19.3 hp of peak power and 15Nm of torque and on the faired motorcycle, is capable of attaining speeds up to 144 km/h.

The leaked video reveals some key details about the India spec bike including the lack of an upside down fork setup, just like the R15, to cut costs. The MT-15 prototypes caught testing in India have also been spotted without the USD setup, and it’s on expected lines owing to the cost-conscious nature of the market.

The naked motorcycle, however, will be further down on equipment and tech as compared to the R15. The swing-arm for instance, isn’t an aluminium unit like the R15, and the MT gets a box-section setup. The tyres too will be MRFs in place of the more expensive IRCs, although an option to buy more expensive, stickier rubber may be offered at an extra cost. The bike retains its chunky styling which is quite eye-catching, and the LED lighting also seems to be on offer for the India spec version.

Expect the new MT-15 to be launched at a slightly lower price than the R15. We expect the price to range between Rs 1.1 and 1.2 lakh ex-showroom. Stay tuned for more updates on the much anticipated machine from Yamaha.

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