Yamaha FZ-S Drops Its Stock, Muscular Look For A Retro Scrambler Inspired Styling

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A Yamaha FZ-S dropped its muscular and chiseled factory styling for a retro scrambler inspired look. The end result is a motorcycle that looks more rugged, and off-road ready than the stock Japanese entry-level naked roadster. HUSTLER MOTO is responsible for this retro styled motorcycle.

Check out the custom built Yamaha FZ-S Scrambler in the video below:

The motorcycle was first stripped down Firstly, the bike was fully stripped down to ready some sketches and design before moving forward. The fuel tank was sourced from a Hero MotoCorp motorcycle and the entire scrambler was designed around it. The custom side panels were hand made and are aimed to appear simple, yet modern. Above the  side panels is the new saddle. The saddle was redesigned with a retro look, and it now features a ribbed pattern.

Yamaha FZ S Scrambler (2)

The motorcycle features a custom built front fenders at both ends. A aftermarket brake lights sits right above the rear fender, along with a pair of indicators.

Yamaha FZ S Scrambler (10)

Upfront, staying with the retro-theme, the motorcycle features a round headlight, and a flat handlebar. The front suspension gets a increased height. The wheels are wrapped in dual-purpose tyres which should offer decent grip when riding off the tarmac.

Yamaha FZ S Scrambler (11)

The motorcycle gets a K&N air-filter and a re-tune to the carburettor. The stock exhaust was replaced by a aftermarket unit. Was there a bump in performance? The actual numbers weren’t shared with us but we don’t expect a massive change in the performance department.

Yamaha FZ S Scrambler (5)

The motorcycle is painted with a metallic race blue color with race stripes on the fuel tank. The entire project took six weeks to complete. Here’s a quick look at the highlights of the motorcycle:

  • Sourced Fuel Tank from Hero MotoCorp motorcycle
  • Increased height of front suspension
  • Custom hand made Side Panels.
  • Custom hand made front and rear fender
  • Custom Made Ribbed Pattern Seat
  • Custom made exhaust
  • Aftermarket headlamp and brake light
  • Aftermarket indicators
  • Custom Metallic Racing Blue Paint Job
  • Thicker dual purpose tyres at both ends

Check out the complete image gallery of the custom built Yamaha FZ-S Scrambler below:

Yamaha FZ-S Scrambler (15)
Yamaha FZ-S Scrambler (14)
Yamaha FZ-S Scrambler (11)

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