Yamaha extends Service And Warranty Period for Customers During Lockdown Period

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India Yamaha Motor is offering extended service and warranty during the current lockdown owing to the COVID-19 contagion. Since no dealerships or service centers are operational under the lockdown, customers won’t be able to avail of their their free services or warranty, especially if it’s expiring before the lockdown is lifted. Hence, as a part of  Yamaha’s Lifetime Quality Care approach, the company is extending the benefits which were committed to the customers for an additional 60 days (i.e. till June-2020) from date of expiry. The company is calling this as gratitude towards long lasting relationship with customers.

The following services will be extended:

Free service: Services expiring between 15-March-2020 to 15-April-2020, will be extended till June-2020

Normal warranty: Normal warranty expiring between 15-March-2020 to 15-April-2020 will be extended till June-20

Extended warranty: Expiring between 15-March-20 to 15-April-2020 will be extended till June-20

Annual maintenance contracts:  Expiring between 15-March-2020 to 15-April-2020 will be extended till June-20

The company has informed its dealerships to ensure that these benefits are passed on to our customers smoothly.

Under the current circumstances, some of the customers may struggle to get their vehicles serviced on time or avail warranty benefits which may expire during country’s lock down situation. In this light, a lot of other company’s have extended their service and warranty as well, as a goodwill gesture towards their customers. Other leading auto makers such as TVS, Maruti Suzuki and Volkswagen India have also taken initiative to offer extended warranty and service to their customers. If your automaker hasn’t offered any extension in their service and warranty yet, you’d probably do well to prod them on social media, citing the examples of other leading auto makers having done so.

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