Yamaha EMF: An Electric Scooter With Swappable Battery Breaks Cover!


After two years, Yamaha has launched its second E-scooter in Taiwan. Last we saw, the brand released the EC-05 electric scooter in 2019. But times have changed and today the craze for EVs is much higher. Keeping that in mind the company brings to us the ‘Yamaha EMF’. This EV will soon go on sale in the Taiwanese market and the increasing popularity of EVs in our country might push Yamaha to bring EMF to India as well. The interesting thing about this scooter is that it uses Gogoro’s Swappable Battery Technology. This partnership between Yamaha and Gogoro dates far back. And finally, we get to see a scooter that is an amalgamation of the Yamaha drive and Gogoro convenience.

Yamaha EMF Gets Gogoro’s Battery Swapping


EMF as its name suggests has a forceful and impacting design. This ready-to-play hardball look has a rustic and bare appeal to it. The body panels are sharp, straight, and edgy. It gets a center placed headlight with a twin beam set up. The handlebar is rather nude and even the digital instrument cluster is visible from the front.

Yamaha EMF Storage

The scooter has a hump in the floorboard and it gets slightly higher sideboards to rest your feet. This hump features a storage compartment that also gets twin USB charging ports and a cupholder. The seat is a single piece and flat which makes it look small. Coming around the back, the taillight is also centered and has a dual-beam setup.

Yamaha EMF Rear Profile


Yamaha has not revealed the power figures of this e-scooter. The only own fact is that the scooter runs on a 7.6kW mid-mounted motor, which runs the 10-inch rear wheel through a chain setup. The company also claims that the scooter can go from 0-50 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. The range of the scooter is not specified. It is sprung on telescopic forks at the front, and twin spring shock absorbers at the back. The braking duties are performed by a four-piston hydraulic disc brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear with a Combined Braking System. Dual Disc brakes could be offered as an option.

Yamaha EMF Front Profile

Gogoro Battery Swapping

Gogoro has an amazing number of battery swapping stations in Taiwan, so much so that it is said that there is an equal number of ‘GoStations’ and gas stations if not more. Every station offers a dozen of fully charged batteries, which amounts to a hassle-free charging process.



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