Wow product! V Kit generates and store power with your car and bike on the go!

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V Kit power Charger Coimbatore

A Coimbatore based company has developed a power generating and storing kit which generates electricity from motor vehicles. Christened the V-Kit, the new device is capable of producing electricity from two wheelers, cars, buses, trucks  and tractors  for domestic and commercial purposes. The good thing is, you don’t have to run your vehicle exclusively to produce electricity; V-Kit produces and stores electricity as you go about doing your daily jobs!

If the device is fitted in a motor car or a two wheeler running more than 50 kms per day, it will generate and store electricity enough to run lights and fan in an average household for about four to five hours, except fridge and motor pumps.

The V-Kit device fitted in various vehicles uses the ampere capacity of the alternator of the motor vehicles. The kit uses extra ampere capacity released by the vehicle alternator for charging V-kit. When the kit is being charged no noticeable increase in the fuel consumption has been observed in the vehicle.

Power can be converted and stored into rechargeable batteries by using his V-KIT, and can be utilised for domestic use. With more than 16 crore registered motor vehicles in use in India and new vehicles being added everyday, the V-Kit appears to be a boon. There are so many remote villages where electricity is yet to reach, the V-Kit would be a blessing for people from such villages, who are using motorcycles, tractors and trucks.

“If we put a kit in two wheeleers and run 40 Km per day, we can produce electricity to illuminate an average household for nearly four hours, in case we use the LED lamps developed by him for this purpose. If the kit is fitted in a motor car and running more than 50 kms per day, it will be enough to run lights and fan in an average household except fridge and motor pumps,” he said.

“Diesel generators were being used by the Defense people to create electricity in the borders area, where many vehicles were also used and V-KIT can be effectively used over there. This kit can also be used in thousands of transport buses plying across the States and India.”  According to Mr Vasudevan Tachoth, founder of the company

The production cost of a kit used in motorcycle is Rs 1,000 and for cars and trucks Rs 15,000. The kit is currently a proto-type, which needs more research and development by field experts.

If the Government or any big private institutions come forward to assist him in research, as subsidy or grant, Vasudevan is ready to share the technology for research. The company has already applied for patent of the technology.

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