Woman Gives Birth In A Tesla With Autopilot On!

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In what may sound bizarre news, a woman from  Philadelphia, North America, gave birth to her baby in the front seat of her Tesla as it was driving on autopilot. Yiran Sherry, 33, was with her husband, Keating, 34, and three-year-old son Rafa in the car while her water broke and the miracle happened. The child named Maeve was born in September and is being termed as the first ‘Tesla baby’.

Baby born in Tesla with autopilot on

Official statements

“We assumed we were going to make it,” Yiran of Wayne, Pennsylvania, told TODAY Parents. The mother of two said her husband Keating intermittently drove and used autopilot in his rush to reach the hospital. “I remember telling Keating, ‘I think her head is coming out. I think her head is coming out.’ But I was so focused on the map, where we are on the screen,” the mother recalled. “We look forward to enjoying the holidays and spending quality time with the family,” Keating said. “We’re going for a drive to look at Christmas lights… hopefully without any emergencies!”, said the family.

Tesla model 3 rear end

Tesla in India

In the past couple of years, the Indian car market has managed to attract several global players. All thanks to our humongous population, many new carmakers have tasted instant success. With the constant rise in the popularity of EVs, Tesla has been planning to enter the Indian market as well. To facilitate its arrival, it seems like Tesla has started its groundwork as well. Tesla is setting up their charging infrastructure for their cars. A recent photo on the internet which was uploaded by ‘Tesla Club India’ on Twitter, shows us a Tesla supercharger. We could possibly see a couple of those superchargers in near future as well.

Tesla Supercharger India

Tesla is looking forward to making India a very profitable market for them. We have already seen Tesla testing their Model 3 and Model Y in India. The American automaker has already set up a corporate office in Bangalore. Initially, Tesla cars would have arrived in India through a CBU route but that would translate into higher prices than what Tesla wants to sell in India. Elon Musk-led Tesla company tried to get an exemption on import duties of electric cars, However, the government did not budge on the matter.


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