Prepare To Welcome an Icon: Brand Jawa Makes A Comeback on the 15th of November, 2018


The roads have changed, the trip hasn’t. Nostalgia just got an update and coolness came full circle Witness the resurrection of a legend. Those words send all of us to a flashback, to a time when bikes were powered by a small yet potent engine, where bikes moved very fast but would not stop very fast, a time where bikes were designed without any restrictions, no pollution norms existed, back in the good old days of the 60s and 70s. You can not miss out on the iconic Jawa brand when talking about this time period. After so many years now, the brand is all set to make a comeback on the 15th of November, just a few days from now.

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Even today, we see many enthusiasts who have taken enough care of their bikes and are still plying them on our roads, this enthusiasm for the brand may have made Mahindra buy the Classic Jawa brand which is going to make a comeback soon. While there are rumours that the brand will offer 3 bikes which could probably share the same platform, the company did reveal their new engine, a 293cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine which would churn out 27 bhp and 28 Nm of torque. The engine design also pays homage to the old bikes with its faux fins and twin exhaust pipe set-up.

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The fact that there are still many enthusiasts today taking care of their old Jawa’s till today is a testament to the brand’s popularity in India. Going by the engine unveiled, on paper, it looks like the classic bike company will make a huge impact in the Indian bike scene, once again, almost after 20 years since the company left the Indian market. With less than a month to go for the launch of the bikes, it is not too long before we see the end result. Here are some images of the engine which was unveiled a couple of days ago.

New 2018 Jawa 300cc engine (1)
New 2018 Jawa 300cc engine (3)
New 2018 Jawa 300cc engine (2)

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