Waze Gets Audible Audio Player Program


Like being read to while you are driving? Integrating navigation with infotainment, Waze (A google-based GPS navigation software app) has announced that Audible has joined their Audio Player Program, giving drivers a way to fill time in the car with meaning, learning, art and storytelling. Audible on Waze offers drivers with an Audible membership easy access to its catalogue of more than 600,000 Audible Originals, audiobooks, podcasts, and other audio programs.

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Audible members can listen on Waze by simply opening the app and tapping the music note icon to select Audible as their audio player. They can start enjoying audio content directly through Waze right away, including Audible Originals, audiobooks and podcasts. Audible members will also receive next turn directions from Waze inside the Audible app. Audible is the latest streaming service to integrate its audio experience into Waze by using the Waze Audio Kit. The Audible integration for Waze Audio Player will begin rolling out from today.

Waze develops practical solutions that empower people to make better choices, from taking the fastest route, to leaving at the right time, to sharing daily commutes.  Wazers—including drivers, riders, map editors, beta testers—contribute to the application’s real-time, live navigation, and depend on each other. Waze partners with cities, transportation authorities, broadcasters, businesses, and first responders to put its community-driven data to work for anyone making transportation better for everyone.

In other related , Ford and Google have announced a unique strategic partnership to accelerate Ford’s transformation and reinvent the connected vehicle experience. Ford has also named Google Cloud its preferred cloud provider to leverage Google’s world-class expertise in data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). As part of this new, six-year partnership—and beginning in 2023—millions of future Ford and Lincoln vehicles at all price points will be powered by Android, with Google apps and services built-in.


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