Watch This Land Rover Defender Pull A Loaded Transporter Stuck On Ice

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There’s something very attractive and enticing about thorough-bred vehicles. They might not be do-it-all machines or as affordable as other vehicles but when it comes to their own element, they blow it out of the park! Be it a proper race car, a track-focused sportsbike or an all-terrain vehicle like the Land Rover Defender. The Defender is an iconic SUV and has a rich legacy to bank on. The company itself claims that it is the toughest Land Rover ever made. We have never doubted the Defender’s capabilities but the video featured here cements our belief even further.

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A transporter truck got stuck on the ice and later on, a Defender came to the rescue. That’s all that happened and yet, the video is a proof of the Defender’s prowess.

The transporter reportedly was transporting some Land Rover vehicles and then got stuck on the ice. Driving on the ice is really tricky because the traction levels are lower than our neighbouring country’s GDP. The tyres struggle a lot to gain a little bit of traction, the reason why snow chains come in handy. Stafford Land Rover, a dealership in UK, decided to bring in a Defender 110 to rescue the stuck transporter. At first, it might seem like the Defender was struggling too but then soon after, it did manage to pull the truck. It actually felt like the Defender summoned its ancestral power and its ancestors decided to bestow the Defender.

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It has a max payload of 900 kilos and a massive wading depth of 900 mm along with a completely updated Terrain Response 2 system and air suspension. The all-new Land Rover Defender has an approach angle of 38 degrees, departure angle of 40 degrees and break-over of 28 degrees. Adaptive Dynamics is available with Electronic Air Suspension, allowing customers to fine-tune the driving characteristics. The system’s adaptive dampers monitor body movements up to 500 times per second and respond almost instantaneously to optimise control and comfort.

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The Defender can be had with either a 3.0-litre turbo diesel engine producing 300 PS of max power and 650 Nm of peak torque, or a 3.0-litre turbo turbocharged petrol engine that makes 400 PS power and 550 Nm torque. Also on offer is a hybrid powertrain that uses a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbo-petrol engine paired to a 143 PS electric motor, producing a combined 404 PS and 640 Nm.

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