Here’s What We Can Expect From The Rumoured Scrambler Based On The Honda CB 350

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Honda is getting serious about the business. After challenging Roya Enfield’s supremacy, it actually came up with the H’ness CB350. While we were expecting the Rebel 300 to make its way here, we got a completely new motorcycle in the form of CB350. It did manage to ruffle some feathers as it made Royal Enfield rethink about its launch strategy for the Meteor 350 and ultimately, RE had to delay the launch a little. And now, if rumours are to be believed, Honda is going to roll out a Scrambler version of the Honda Hness CB 350 om 16th February.

More details about Honda CB 350

The bikemaker recently released a teaser image, announcing the same. Although the image doesn’t reveal much, it does give us a glimpse at the rear end of the motorcycle.

Honda cb 350 teased

If it does turn into a reality, Honda will clearly have a winner at their hands because if we take a look at the developing countries, there aren’t too many entry-level Scramblers available at the moment.  If the upcoming premium motorcycle from Honda is indeed a Scrambler version of the CB 350, we just hope that Honda does go all in with it and shouldn’t imply half-measures, like we saw in the case of Husqvarna Svartpilen 250.

The teaser image reveals that the tyres are going to have a lot more grooves as compared to the standard CB 350, cementing our belief. However, we hope that Honda increases the suspension travel of the Honda CB 350 a little, so the rumoured Scrambler can do a little off-roading. We can also expect Honda to throw in some Scrambler bits here and there like switchable ABS, cross brace on the handlebar and a headlight grille.

Honda CB350 Scrambler

The Scrambler CB 350, if it gets turned into reality, will be powered by the same 348cc air-cooled single that churns out 21bhp and 30Nm. The long-stroke engine features a balancer to keep vibrations in check. Its 5-speed gearbox is assisted by a slipper clutch and the motor rests in a split half-duplex frame that is suspended by a chunky telescopic fork and twin shocks. The torquey character of the engine should prove to be very beneficial while negotiating the trails. Also, a little more ground clearance wouldn’t hurt anybody!

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