Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Completely Decimate Nissan GT-R And Dodge Challenger In These Drag-race Videos

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Tesla Model S Plaid is being touted as the world’s fastest accelerating car and as the name suggests, it is the performance-oriented version of the Model S sedan. The Model S Plaid was officially launched at an event held a short while back at the electric vehicle manufacturer’s Fremont facility in California.

Tesla Model S Plaid

Shortly after the launch, several videos of the Model S Plaid’s manic acceleration have taken over the internet but our favourite of the lot has to be these two drag race videos where the Model S Plaid completely decimates a Nissan GT-R and a Dodge Challenger. When you have the fastest accelerating car in the world, it only makes sense to take it to a drag strip and humiliate the competition, right?

Tesla Model S Plaid vs Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is considered to be one of the crowned kings of drag races. All thanks to its Supercharged 6.2L HEMI SRT V8 engine that puts down 707 HP and 880 NM of tarmac-tearing torque. Those familiar with the American muscle car know that it is developed with just one intent in mind – to achieve mind-numbing speeds in a straight line and in other instances, to eat through its own rubber. But the revered muscle car is no match against the Model S Plaid.

The driver of the Model S Plaid also gave the Challenger a head start. He also braked during the race for fear he may be kicked off the track. The driver pulled off a 9.71-second quarter-mile run after he started late and braked halfway through. He pulled off an impressive trap speed of 149.12 mph.

Tesla Model S Plaid vs Nissan GT-R

The Nissan GT-R, otherwise known as the Godzilla, enjoys a cult following among tuners. Time and again, we have witnessed many fine examples of tuned GT-Rs that could even put more exotic supercars to shame. But when it went against the Model S Plaid, we actually started feeling a little sorry for the GT-R.

As we can see, Tesla wins with ease, despite its time of 9.711 seconds not even being close to the record of 9.23 seconds. The GT-R was able to do 10.799, which means more than a second gap and that translates to a lot in motorsport language. Moreover, Tesla had two people on board with 66% state of charge. It could have gone even faster!


The Model S Plaid has a tri-motor setup, delivering 1020hp of peak power, across the entire rev range, right up to its 321 kph (top speed). All the electric horses combined helps the Model S Plaid register a 0-to-60-mph dash in less than 2 seconds. “It is faster than a Porsche, safer than a Volvo,” is how Elon Musk decided to put it during the event.

Tesla Model S Plaid (1)

He also went ahead and claimed that its acceleration will ‘hit you right in the limbic system.’ And after seeing these videos, we believe the man! Read more about the Model S Plaid here.

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