Watch How The Tesla Model S Can Emit The Exhaust Note Of A Growling V8!

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A lot of us enthusiasts dislike electric cars due to their lack of drama. Even Tesla with its supercar rivalling performance lacks the sound and feel while setting blistering quarter-mile times. To satisfy the enthusiast’s hunger for sound, the Tesla Model S has a unique feature where it can emit any engine sound which you desire. Now imagine pulling up at the signal with your Tesla sounding like a proper American muscle car!

Tesla Model S Plaid

Here’s how you do it!

In a YouTube video by DragTimes, he demonstrates how the newly launched Telsa model S Plaid can emit engine sounds via its external speakers. All you have to do is connect a USB pen drive in the car with the engine sound file of the car that you desire.

Open the boombox menu in the touchscreen infotainment system and transfer the sound file. Turn on the car sound option and you’re all set. The YouTuber added in the engine sound of a Challenger Hellcat and the Tesla replicates the exact engine note while on the move. This may take many people by surprise and even fool them into believing that it’s powered by a V8!

Tesla Model S Plaid (3)

Tesla Model S Plaid: a quick recap

Tesla recently started delivering the Model S Plaid which is the quickest Model S that you can buy today. The Model S Plaid has a tri-motor setup, delivering 1020hp of peak power, across the entire rev range, right up to its 321 kph (top speed). All the electric horses combined help the Model S Plaid register a 0-to-60-mph dash in less than 2 seconds. For a car that goes this manically fast, it also charges up pretty quickly. In the Plaid configuration, the Model S promises a range of 627km on a single charge. Even Supercharging speed has been optimised, says Musk, adding that the new car can obtain roughly 300km worth of charge “before you can finish a cup of coffee”. In other words, it does it in under 15 minutes. Being a Tesla, it has to be futuristic and the Model S Plaid doesn’t disappoint in this department as well as Musk also demonstrated the car’s ‘PS5-level performance’. The Model S Plaid includes a new Tesla infotainment system, which is powered by AMD’s Ryzen processor and a discrete AMD RDNA 2 GPU.

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